Pinterest Project – Pallet Table

Here it is August and I’m just now bringing you this awesome pallet table, BUT in my defense we did start the project in June and finish in July. I’m just a slow poster! Last fall when we were cleaning up outside and putting all of our summer stuff away a terrible tragedy occurred (and oddly enough, not for the first time). Our glass table shattered into a million pieces. I didn’t worry about it too much since we weren’t going to be using it anytime soon anyways and I already been inspired by this post to try making my own table for the next summer. Well Mr. H being the best husband ever came home one day with TONS of pallets for me to choose from. I was pretty excited and decided that any table we made had to be pretty big as we are always hosting outdoor BBQ’s for everyone during the summer. After all was said and done we had this beauty!




We used 4 pallets for this & I decided that I didn’t want to leave the pallets natural so I stained them in the color “Ebony” and let me tell you how horrible it was getting all the nooks and crannies! I HIGHLY suggest staining before you put anything together as it will make it easier to maneuver the pallet to get the harder to reach spots. You don’t have to stain the table but to me it just looked more pulled together. We bought 4 wheels from Home Depot (they said they could hold up to 100 lbs I believe) We wanted the table to be easy to move since we are hoping to bring this with us once we move into a new house. To connect the pallets together we used a 2ft 2×4 and screwed it into both pallets seamlessly. We weren’t very scientific when it came time to figure out how tall to make the table, we literally stood by another table and measured my leg! We used 6 4×4’s for the legs as we wanted to make sure the table was stable and wouldn’t wobble at all. Home Depot will cut the 4×4’s for you if you have your height figured out before you go and buy them which is great if you don’t have a chop saw to use at home.

I absolutely love the table and it has worked great for the cookouts we’ve had so far! People we’re a little concerned about things falling through, but suprisingly nothing did! Mr. H and I both agree that we should cut a hole in the middle for an umbrella but alas I think that may be for next summer as my mind is already on fall projects! It’s hard to keep my mind on summer when everyone is posting about fall, as much as I love fall (it’s my favorite season ever, along with everyone else it seems) I think I’m going to wait until at least September to say it has arrived. I will let August be summer………for now.

I know this wasn’t super detailed so let me know if you have any questions, but truly this project is super easy and can be modified to fit anyone’s needs!


Coffee Filter Wreath

Apparently I am one of the last people in the blogosphere to find out about using coffee filters to make wreaths, but boy am I glad I finally stumbled upon them! I’ve seen all the different kinds of mesh wreaths you can make and I will admit that I am a little frightened when it comes to trying to make those. I wanted to start off small, with something easy & you literally cannot get easier than this project. The finished product of this project is so beautiful you’ll want to make one for everyone on your Christmas list. I followed the directions I found on Recaptured Charm.



You’ll need:
200 coffee filters
Foam wreath form
Glue gun & glue
Ornaments/any decorations



You want to fold the coffee filter in half and then run it through your hands scrunching it up. After that I folded it into threes and created a small triangle on the bottom to place some hot glue on. You want to start placing the filters on the inside of the wreath and work your way around. At first I started placing them very close together & then I eventually got bored and started spacing them out more. Pick a space and stick with it to make your wreath look more uniform (I loved the way it looked packed close together & wish I stuck with this) You don’t need to place coffee filters on the back of the wreath since you want it to lay flat against the door. Once you are done putting all the coffee filters on the wreath you can take scissors and trim the filters since some will be further out than others. Once you are done with that you can add your ornaments and decorations however you want. Lately I have been really into gold, which is strange for me because I usually hate it & we don’t own anything gold, so I decided to go with all gold decorations. Mr. H also insisted we get nutcrackers so of course my nutcracker has gold glitter all over it! Needless to say Mr. H wasn’t very happy with that choice.


There are a couple of different ways to hang your wreath, most people suggest putting the ribbon on before you glue on the coffee filters but I wasn’t sure what I was going to use so I waited until I was done. I just took some ribbon I had from Dollar Tree and hot glued it to the back. If you add enough and make sure it dries 100% you shouldn’t have a problem with it falling off (at least I haven’t…..yet). Also sidenote: these cannot go outside! I just hung mine outside to get a good picture because our house has NO natural light, the wreath lives happily cornered on our bar.


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday & I am very happy to be back! I can’t wait until my next project. Follow me on Pinterest & pick what I make next!

Pinterest Project – Date Night Jar

Mr. H & I constantly sit in our living room trying to come up with ideas on what to do now that we get to have weekends together. Needless to say we usually end spending all our time THINKING of what to do instead of actually doing anything. There is always plenty of things we talk about doing, but we never actually end up doing them. You know the “oh we should do that sometime” or the “we should try that place out” that never seem to come to be, well I saw a cute project on Pinterest by Life in the Green House that will definitely help us out.

You’ll Need:

  • mason jar
  • ribbon
  • popsicle sticks (I used colored ones, you can get plain ones & paint or spray paint them)
  • sharpie
  • paper to make tag

I made 52 sticks with all different date ideas that way we would have a date for every weekend of the year, although I must admit I didn’t really think about how we may not be able to do some of the dates during the winter time.

Here are some of the dates I came up with, there are tons of websites dedicated to date ideas  I pulled a lot of my ideas from that:

  1. Poker Night (we have a poker table which we’ve used once, so this would be a great way to have fun but for cheap!)
  2. Sports event ( we both are huge sports people, I mean hello we grew up in Boston)
  3. Homemade pizza & action movie
  4. Popcorn & chick flick
  5. Car wash (Mr. H details my car for me all the time so I thought it would be nice if we could do it together)
  6. Laser tag
  7. Bowling
  8. Comedy Show
  9. Geocaching Adventure (I discovered this while trying to figure out dates & I am so intrigued!)
  10. Antiquing/Yardsale

Those are obviously just a few, but as you can see there are dates that both us of want to do & it just never happens. What are some of your date night ideas?!

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