Christmas DIY * Snowflake Pillows

I cannot believe that next weekend is Christmas! This month has flown by and compared to last year I’ve basically done nothing. I had a lot more crafts planned, but time slipped away from me. I am happy that I at least got to do this craft and the best part about it was how cheap it turned out to be. I am always obssessed with everyones beautiful Christmas pillows, but I’m so cheap and refuse to spend a ton of money on them so I currently have none. Instead I ordered these blue pillows from K-mart for under $5 each and then I already had a ton of jewels so I just had to go out and buy fabric glue. The best part of this DIY is that snowflakes are always so different that you can design yours however you want. I made mine very simple, but you can make yours however you want. Also as a side note these have been on my couch for about a week and my dogs have constantly pawed at them and no jewels have fallen off! Make sure you grab the fabric glue specifically for jewels and you’ll be good to go.



I hope everyone has a great Christmas as I don’t think I’ll be posting again before then.


December Disney Dare

I meant to post this way sooner then today but honestly completely forgot until today. So there are still 20 days in this month to participate and I’m going to try my hardest to watch as many as I can! I’ll be honest there are some Disney movies that I’ve never seen for one reason or another and I’m hoping with this challenge that I can cross a few of those off my list. I’m lucky to have a husband that tolerates the never ending Disney moviethon. I’m currently watching Beauty and the Beast so what better time than now to post.


The Dates: Runs from December 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016

The Dare: To watch as many Disney / Pixar animated films as possible!

The Details: This is a low-key challenge for all the Disney lovers out there so you can feel free to set your own goal or aim for one of our tiers:

1 – 4 films – Moana (Newbie Disney Fan)

5 – 8 films – Aurora (Rather be Sleeping Disney Fan)

9 – 12 films – Stitch (Crazy for Disney Fan)

13 – 16 – Ariel (Disney Film Hoarding Fan)

17 – 20 films – Rapunzel (Diligent Disney Fan)

21+ films – Snow White (Ultimate Disney Fan)

The Deal: Films that qualify for this challenge encompass all of the animated Disney and Pixar films.  Live action films and Marvel films do not count for this challenge.

Look out for my recap post on January 1st to see how many I’ve watched, I’ll be honest I’m hoping to at least get to Stitch! You can also join in on the fun on twitter and instagram by using #disneydare.


Winter Candle Dupes

Apparently I only like to blog during the holidays! Sorry for the long absence, but I do have some holiday themed posts coming your way this month and who knows what will happen after that. Today I wanted to kick off the month of December with everyone’s favorite…candles! As much as I love candles I have been extremely hesitant to spend the money on Bath and Body Works this year and have been looking for cheaper alternatives that are just as good. Just like last years fall favorites, Walmart has once again stolen the show. Their 3 wick candles are by far the best of the “cheap” candles you can find. Their candles are only $4.95, you cannot beat that price!


Spreading Holiday Cheer smells like all the sweet candy in the world. I am absolutely obsessed with this one and have been burning it none stop. I may even go back and get a couple more to stock up. The scents used in this candle are citrus, berry and ginger.

Ice Skating in the Park reminds me so much of a scent from B&BW a couple years ago and this is a good one to pick up because it’s not just holiday themed and you can burn it well after the holidays have ended. This one actually reminds me of the smell when walking into a country Christmas store that I’ve visited with my mom. The scents used in this candle are spearmint, peppermint and evergreen.

Winter Sleigh Ride is another one that isn’t technically holiday themed, but all I can think of is Christmas songs when I say the name of this one. I feel like this one smells like a Christmas tree, but not as strong as most tree candles are. The scents used in this one are woods, balsam and pine.

There were a ton more to choose from, but I tried to control myself. I would say run to your nearest Walmart and pick up some cheap candles! I found mine in the holiday section instead of with the candles.


Workout Wants

I know January is the month for fitness and resolutions BUT so many people do that and then after a couple weeks fall off and I didn’t want to be another cliche. Instead I waited until this month and finally decided it was time to get back to a healthy lifestyle. As you guys know I once was fully dedicated to crossfit and eating fairly clean, but when I moved I never found a new gym (or could justify spending the money) so fitness went on the back burner. I’m so excited to start classes at OrangeTheory Fitness, a new studio is set to open by my work and I signed up a couple weeks ago and even went all in and joined the nutrition challenge. I can’t wait for it to start and of course for extra motivation I need new workout gear! Here are some of the things I’m currently coveting.

workout wants


The entire bottom row is from Forever 21 which I am absolutely in love with for relatively cheap but decent quality workout clothes. The 2 sports bras are from Victoria’s Secret, I usually prefer their bras because as a bigger chested girl I need all the support I can get. And of course I need a new pair of shoes! I couldn’t find the exact Nike flyknits that I just ordered, but the older flyknits are on clearance right now and you can score a great deal on them if you are on the fence about spending so much money on them. I will fully admit that these will be my first pair of Nike’s because I refused to spend that much money. I was actually gifted the pair I wanted for Valentine’s Day to help me get motivated for the upcoming challenge.

February Monthly Layout

I can’t believe it’s already the third of February! I’ll fully admit that I am late on posting this and honestly it’s because I’ve just been lazy. I’ve had photos taken for a while now for this post, along with others that I have planned, but every time I should be drafting a post I watch Netflix instead. Let’s blame it on the winter weather, even though it’s more like spring here currently.

When I started planning this month I didn’t have a lot on the calendar and I only knew that I wanted to stick with a Valentine’s Day theme. Since finishing my decorating and taking pictures life has become a little more chaotic (in a good way) and my month is starting to fill up. Here is my layout for February along with a card from the dollar spot in Target that I turned into a dashboard for the month. I finally got a working laminator and was super excited to make a dashboard and cover for this month.



Book to Big Screen Review * The 5th Wave

If you guys remember my Books to Big Screen 2016 post you know that I was hoping to read all the books before I saw the movie. Well The 5th Wave came out yesterday and we went to go see it after work.

5th wave

I had finished the book a couple weeks prior so I was really excited to see how it translated over to the big screen. It seemed like a lot of the people in the theatre had read the book also as they were very excited when certain things happened in the movie.

I really liked the way they began the movie explaining all the waves and showing what happened. Small things were left out, but I didn’t think they were crucial to the story so I let it go. Also some things changed, but again not a huge deal for the beginning of the movie. What really bothered me is that they didn’t really delve into the characters so you never really felt connected to them. I understand for time purposes that they can’t go into detail as much as the book, but I felt like so much of the relationship between Cassie and Evan was left out and really if you hadn’t read the book you wouldn’t understand how close they really became. The movie made it seem like Cassie was at Evan’s house for 2 days. Another relationship that wasn’t really explored in the movie was between Zombie (Ben) and Ringer.

Another thing that was completely left out of the movie that I felt like was a very important part of the books was how the Others used a green orb to decimate an area and basically erase it off the map. This was never mentioned once in the movie, while in the book they use it on the camp Cassie was staying at and then it’s used to destroy the base where the Others have been training the kids for the 5th wave.

Also Zombie tied up Nugget (Sammy) so that he couldn’t go on the mission because he was afraid he would die, but in the book it is decided that he is too young to join them on the mission and would be moved to a different squad to train for a couple more years. I understand they did this in the movie to show how much Zombie cared for Nugget since that relationship also wasn’t fully shown in the movie, but for someone who didn’t read the books it seems ridiculous because it seems like Nugget and Teacup are around the same age and it just doesn’t make sense. Matt actually said to me after the movie that he thought it was messed up that he would only try to save Nugget and didn’t care about Teacup.

All in all the movie was a good movie, but a lot was changed or left out from the book. I always say this after seeing a movie that has been adapted from a book, but do yourself a favor and read the book first, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re someone who simply doesn’t care about reading a book before the movie (or ever) then I would definitely say that you could see this movie and fully enjoy it.

UPDATED Hair Care Holy Grail

I figured it was time to update the products that I use in my hair since I last posted this my hair has been fire engine red, pink, purple, eggplant and now brown transitioning to some kind of blonde?! I am happy to say that some of my holy grail products have stood the test of time and I still use religiously while I have added a few key products to processed/damaged hair. My hair has thankfully been very healthy throughout all the colors, but the last time I went to the hair salon we tried to bleach the red out of my hair to no avail and my hair just ended up damaged and much darker than we hoped. I bought some products at the salon that my hair dresser recommended, but I also received a package from Hask a couple days before and I was so happy because it has been a total life saver!

Hair Care Holy Grail
  1. Hask Macadamia oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Moisturizing Shine Oil: These products have seriously brought life back to my hair after even just one use! I love the shine oil for after I’m done styling my hair and bringing my dead ends back to life. The fact that these products are so reasonably priced makes life even better.
  2. Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil: Last year I bought this jar not knowing what exactly I was going to do with it but I knew Pinterest had some great ideas. Well my hair was the driest it’s ever been during the winter so I decided to take the oil and slather it all over my hair. I wrap my pillow in a towel and sleep with my hair in a bun and then wash it out in the morning. I am very generous with the amount I use, but I have very thick hair, people who have thin hair should use it sparingly as I have heard some people say it was hard to wash out. I do this once or twice a week.
  3. It’s a 10 with Keratin spray: I’ve actually used the original forever and absolutely love this stuff and use it every time before styling my hair. With the extra damage my hair has taken I figured the keratin would be better, plus it smells amazing!
  4. Not your Mothers Dry Shampoo: I will be the first to admit I am lazy and NEVER want to wash my hair in the morning before work (mainly because it would take forever to dry) This spray helps me get an extra day or 2 out of my hair. When it comes to color treated hair it’s best not to wash it as often so this is a lifesaver for me.
  5. Goody Quikstyle Paddle Brush: This brush is made with microfiber that absorbs the water in your hair. It cut my drying time down to almost half of what it use to be. The only thing I would have to say about this brush is that I think it stops working after a while and you have to buy a new one.
  6. Amika Ceramic Straightener: This is not the first straightener I would have picked, but I received it as a gift 8 years ago. This straightener works perfectly and is the longest lasting straightener I have ever had! I was always buying new ones after a year or two, but this one has stood the test of time as well as many travels where it was thrown around quite a bit.


I hope this helped answer some questions, but please let me know if you have any other questions! And please follow me on Instagram to see some of my great (and no so great) hair days! Also let me know what products you use in your hair that you swear by!