DIY * Rustic Harvest Centerpiece

I have the perfect rustic DIY centerpiece for your Thanksgiving get together in 2 weeks! It’s crazy how fast the holiday is approaching and this craft will make life easier because it’s cheap and super easy to make. Total cost for this project was $4!



It may even be cheaper now if the carveable pumpkins at Dollar Tree are on clearance.

First I cut the top off the pumpkin then painted it white and let it dry, this will probably take 2 coats.

While your paint dries you can clip your flowers off the stem. Once everything is dry using your flowers poke holes near the top and space your flowers out evenly. Using a glue gun add a dollop of hot glue and insert flowers so they will stay in place. Place candle in the center and you are good to go!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and I would love to see your centerpieces if you decide to make this so tag me on instagram @itsmandyj



DIY Skull Decor

I didn’t realize how long it’s actually been since I posted a DIY until I started scrolling through my blog. I am so excited to share this DIY with you guys. First off, Halloween is my favorite holiday ever and since I’ve moved a million times I haven’t really been able to decorate much or buy much. Secondly, this DIY is so super cheap! I’m talking $4 for the whole thing!



I bought the skulls from Dollar Tree, they were originally a silver color, but I spray painted them black. I got the plant saucer from Home Depot for .77 and also sprayed it black.

Once everything is dry use a hot glue gun to glue everything in place. You can do them all straight on or have them all facing different ways, whatever works best for you. Additionally you could also drill a hole into the top skull before gluing everything together so you could put a taper candle in the top.

For only $4 you can’t go wrong with this piece. Plus you can make them as tall or as short as you want. I hope you all liked this DIY and I have another more fall themed DIY coming up as well.

Happy haunting!


Christmas DIY * Snowflake Pillows

I cannot believe that next weekend is Christmas! This month has flown by and compared to last year I’ve basically done nothing. I had a lot more crafts planned, but time slipped away from me. I am happy that I at least got to do this craft and the best part about it was how cheap it turned out to be. I am always obssessed with everyones beautiful Christmas pillows, but I’m so cheap and refuse to spend a ton of money on them so I currently have none. Instead I ordered these blue pillows from K-mart for under $5 each and then I already had a ton of jewels so I just had to go out and buy fabric glue. The best part of this DIY is that snowflakes are always so different that you can design yours however you want. I made mine very simple, but you can make yours however you want. Also as a side note these have been on my couch for about a week and my dogs have constantly pawed at them and no jewels have fallen off! Make sure you grab the fabric glue specifically for jewels and you’ll be good to go.



I hope everyone has a great Christmas as I don’t think I’ll be posting again before then.


Christmas DIY * Glitter Bulbs

I can’t believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow! This month has completely flown by. I’m really sad this series is coming to end, but I am so happy to have done it and it has completely kicked my butt into creating content in advance again. This last DIY is my absolute favorite and I actually didn’t think I was going to be able to do it until I stumbled upon the lightbulbs on clearance because my AC Moore was going out of business.

Glitter Bulbs


  • Light bulbs
  • Metal ornament hooks
  • Acrylic paint
  • Glitter to match paint colors
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Acrylic sealant

First use your jewelry pliers to attach your ornament hook around the top of the lightbulb. Then one by one paint a lightbulb and pour the corresponding glitter all over before the paint dries. I would recommend doing this over some newspaper as you will have lots of fall off glitter and can reuse it on the next bulb. I created little holes in a cardboard box to let the bulbs dry. Once the paint and glitter dry you can spray with the acrylic sealant and again wait for them to dry. Once completely dry no glitter should fall off and you can hang them on your tree.

I am so obsessed with this DIY that I made 24 and I actually wanted to go back and buy more, but time just wouldn’t allow. If you can only do one of the crafts that I’ve posted I would have to say let it be this one.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas!


Christmas DIY * Scrabble Ornament

Wednesday is here and it’s time to share another super fun and easy Christmas DIY! I can’t believe we only have one more DIY before Christmas is here, this month and series has seriously flown by.

DIY Scrabble Ornament


  • scrabble tiles, you can get these at Hobby Lobby but I would suggest ordering them on Amazon as you can get way more for less money
  • hot glue gun or craft glue
  • ribbon
  • snow tek
  • cardboard or paper plate (optional)

First layout what you would like your ornament to say. I opted to make some as gifts for my friends using their names and for our tree I chose Let it Snow because to me Christmas and snow go hand in hand. Optionally you can use cardboard or a paper plate to glue your letters to, I didn’t do this but it’s up to you. Once you glue your letters together you can apply the snow tek, once the first layer is dry you can continue to layer it on until you get the desired effect. Use the glue to create a loop with your ribbon and glue onto the back of your letters.

I can’t wait to share my last DIY with you guys before Christmas, I hope you are loving this series as much as I am and are making your own Christmas ornaments as well. Until next week!


Christmas DIY * Disney Ornaments

Another Wednesday and another Christmas DIY! This one is one of my favorites that was inspired by our trip to Disney this past October. I wanted to buy so many ornaments while in Disney since I lost all of mine in my move, but I knew that I had to control my spending so when I got home I immediately started thinking of ways I could create Disney Ornaments for cheap.

DIY Disney Ornaments.png


  • square glass ornaments, I got mine at Hobby Lobby for 50% off
  • acrylic paint in your choice of colors
  • paintbrush
  • Disney Christmas stickers, I found mine at Target in the card section a set of 2 comes in a pack so if you want stickers on all 4 sides you need to buy 2 packs

Just like painting the wine glasses you will want to do probably 3 coats of paint on your ornaments. Make sure each layer of paint is completely dry before starting the next one as it will pull the paint off if it is not dry. Once you have your ornament painted to your satisfaction let it dry for 24 hours. After that put the ornaments in your cold oven and turn on to 350 degrees, let them bake for 30 minutes. Turn off the oven and let the ornaments cool down with the oven. Once your ornaments are dry you can add your stickers and hang them on your tree! Additionally if you would prefer a glossy look instead of matte for your ornaments before putting your stickers on you can spray your ornaments with clear acrylic spray paint.

Can’t wait to see you next Wednesday for the next Christmas DIY! Have a great week.


Christmas DIY * Disco Ornament

It’s Wednesday which means it is time for another Christmas DIY! (sorry it’s a day late, stayed home from work sick and had some technical difficulties!) I am having so much fun coming up with content for this series and actually am thinking about possibly filming a tutorial for one of them (hopefully lighting and camera cooperates) I can’t believe Christmas is only 22 days away, where did the time go?!

DIsco Ornament.png

Supplies Needed

  • styrofoam ball, any size
  • round cup 8mm sequins in colors of your choice
  • sequin pins
  • ribbon
  • hot glue gun/craft glue

This DIY is super easy, but definitely time consuming. This one was the first one I made and it took me 2 hours because the pins I got were just a little too small and the sequins kept falling off my ball. If you run into this problem just put your pins in a little off-center so that they hold the sequin in place by one of the sides.

You just take your styrofoam ball and start pinning sequins in whatever pattern you like. Once almost all of your ball is complete except for one little spot for your ribbon you can take a piece of ribbon, fold it in half and then I took 3 pins and pinned the ribbon into the ball and then also glued the ribbon down as well so that it was extra secure.

That’s it! Super easy! I wish these didn’t take so much time, although I have a feeling I could get faster with more practice, but I love the way the light glistens off these ornaments. See you guys next week for another Christmas DIY!