January Goals

I realize that we are now 10 days into the month, but I saw Kristin from SuperSpaceChick post her small monthly goals and thought it was a great idea and something I wanted to do as well. I’m always writing things down in my planner, but I figured if I write them here on the blog and have to do a followup post I would be more accountable.

  1. We move the second weekend of February so I’m really trying to focus on de-cluttering while packing. There is actually a new Plato’s Closet opening up near my work and I really want to bring my shoes and jewelry that I won’t wear anymore there so I can get some cash for it.
  2. Look presentable for work. Most mornings I am way too lazy to take the hour to blowdry and straighten my hair so I just throw it up in a bun and call it a day. I used to straighten my hair every single day, but for some reason I’ve just gotten lazy and I want to get better about that.
  3. Prepare lunches for work. I am constantly planning on making something and then decided I’m too tired and I’ll just grab something from the grocery store near my work. This adds up pretty quickly and doesn’t always equal the healthiest meals. I used to meal prep every single meal back when I was doing crossfit so I know it can be done, it’s just a matter of me not being lazy.

I would love to hear what some of your monthly goals are or if you’re sticking to a new years resolution.



2016 Reading List

I always try to read as many books as possible during the year although I will admit in past years I have slacked. This coming year there are tons of books being turned into movies and I am one of those people who HAS to read the books before I see the movie. Below is the list of books I hope to read in 2016 before they I see them on the big screen. Some of them don’t have release dates yet, but I added them to the list anyways. You can follow along with my progress on Goodreads. What books are you looking forward to reading in 2016?

542592How to Be Single by Liz Tuccillo

Overview: New York City is full of lonely hearts seeking the right match, and what Alice, Robin, Lucy, Meg, Tom and David all have in common is the need to learn how to be single in a world filled with ever-evolving definitions of love

Starring: Dakota Johnson, Alison Brie, Leslie Mann

Release: February 12, 2016



16101128.jpgThe 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Overview:Four waves of increasingly deadly alien attacks have left most of Earth decimated. Cassie is on the run, desperately trying to save her younger brother.

Starring:  Chloë Grace Moretz, Maika Monroe, Liev Schreiber

Release: January 22, 2016





Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith

Overview: Jane Austen’s classic tale of the tangled relationships between lovers from different social classes in 19th century England is faced with a new challenge — an army of undead zombies.

Starring:  Lily James, Lena Headey, Charles Dance

Release: February 5, 2016





Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

Overview: A girl in a small town forms an unlikely bond with a recently-paralyzed man she’s taking care of.

Starring: Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin, Jenna Coleman

Release: March 4, 2016




17788401Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

Overview: When Tate Collins meets airline pilot Miles Archer, she knows it isn’t love at first sight. They wouldn’t even go so far as to consider themselves friends. The only thing Tate and Miles have in common is an undeniable mutual attraction.

Starring: TBA

Release: TBA



17878931Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Overview: The Reds are commoners, ruled by a Silver elite in possession of god-like superpowers. And to Mare Barrow, a seventeen-year-old Red girl from the poverty-stricken Stilts, it seems like nothing will ever change.

Starring: TBA

Release: TBA



10798416.jpgThe Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer Smith

Overview: Four minutes changes everything. Hadley Sullivan 17 misses her flight at JFK airport, is late to her father’s second wedding in London with never-met stepmother. Hadley meets the perfect boy. Oliver is British, sits in her row. A long night on the plane passes in a blink, but the two lose track in arrival chaos. Can fate bring them together again?

Starring: Hailee Steinfeld, Robert Sheehan

Release: TBA



Disney Recap

IMG_5252I know I’ve been back from Disney for a hot minute now, but I just had a million things to catch up on and do before I could get myself together enough to post this. I’m having serious Disney withdrawals and I swear I text Matt at least three times a week saying I wish we were still there. This vacation was a total blast and exactly what I needed. Matt had never been to Disney World before so it was fun to see him experience everything for the first time and I swear he actually pulled me to do things that I thought we were too old for.

Our vacation went as follows:

Sunday: Animal Kingdom

Monday: Epcot

Tuesday: Hollywood Studios

Wednesday: Magic Kingdom

Thursday: Magic Kingdom & Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Friday: Universal Studios & a Magic game

Saturday: Universal Studios


Trick or Treating and staying in Magic Kingdom until midnight was a blast and we seriously got so much candy, I am so happy that we went during my favorite holiday ever. We also grabbed tickets to a Magic game which Matt was super excited about and I actually really enjoyed it (guess I can secretly admit to liking basketball now.)

Before we got to Disney we planned on saving money by not eating in the parks and bringing our own food, but honestly for 2 people it wasn’t that expensive and we ended up eating dinner out every night plus buying some treats throughout the day at the park, that popcorn though. We also spent almost every night at Disney Springs which was fantastic. On Halloween night after being at Universal all day we weren’t sure what we wanted to do so we ended up going to Disney Springs and getting dinner and seeing a scary movie. If I could live at Disney I would be a happy girl. I am already planning our next trip back!


And now that I’m back I plan on focusing more on the blog and actually bought some things to help me as taking pictures for the blog is the hardest part for me and always causes me to delay posts. Hopefully next Wednesday I will be starting my DIY Christmas series as my lighting is set to be delivered this Friday (after already being delayed 2 weeks) I can’t wait to start sharing more content with you guys and I appreciate you all sticking with me!



What’s In My Bag

Biana over at B Loved Boston recently did a what’s in my bag post and totally inspired me to post mine. I’ve been using the same bag since I got it in September so it’s definitely time I went through it and cleaned it out and started using a new bag for spring.


Phillip Lim for Target


Everything I carry around on a daily basis


I admit that I don’t usually wear lipstick, but I carry 2 around just in case. Hair brush and lint brush are necessary.


My sister gave me the coach wristlet a couple years ago for Christmas & I keep all my cards in there. The wallet I picked up at the flea market a year ago just because I usually go through wallets pretty quickly.


I carry all my pens in a HK case I got from Target along with the Sugar Paper planner  & then I keep track of my food & workouts in this cute chevron notebook I got from TJ Maxx. I always pick up cute notebooks thinking I’ll need them someday!

What do you carry in your bag? I love seeing what else everyone carries around all day.


The Hunt is On

Since I haven’t had time to finish up my current recipe that I want to share with you I figured I would talk a little about our current house hunting adventure and what has been taking up so much of my time!

Last night we went and looked at a house that we had already seen once before with our previous realtor.

photo (3)


The house was never winterized and all of the pipes burst causing water damage in the basement. It is a bank owned and would need a lot of work, but both Mr. H and I love the house and are willing to put in the work. The problem with the house is that the bank is asking way too much for basically a shell of a house. We are approved for a FHA rehab loan which would allow us up to an additional $30,000.00 for repairs, which we believe the house would need.

Since the house needs so much work, we decided to go with a house that was pretty much move-in ready, but a little pricier. (You may have seen my post on instagram about it) Well that house had already received an offer and went under contract so we lost out on it. After finally finding a new realtor and getting a contractor, plumber and electrician all together we went and looked at this house again last night. We spent over an hour in the house last night writing up what would need to be done to the house and were excited to move forward today after hearing what the contractor had to say.

30 minutes ago on a conference call with my husband and our realtor she told us that she just spoke with the bank and they have been negotiating an offer for a couple days now. My heart sunk when I heard that. I can see us raising our family here and hosting all the holiday parties around the fireplace. We will know in about an hour if the house has gone under contract or not. My husband just repeated to me, it’s a business transaction don’t get attached and everything happens for a reason, but I just can’t help but feel a little disappointed that the house I fell in love with might not be ours.

I am holding out hope that it falls through once the buyers realize how much work really needs to be done, or once they have the home inspection and it doesn’t go as well as they hoped. I know it’s a long shot, but I’m praying for it anyways.


April Showers



I cannot believe it is April 1! 2014 is seriously flying by. I am hoping to have a post for you tomorrow, but that all depends on what time I get home tonight to finish up my project!

Work is really busy right now, we are still in the process of trying to buy our first home, and I’m attempting to join the performance team at crossfit which is a huge time commitment. I’m trying to work blogging into all this chaos and clearly I am failing right now, but I think sooner or later things will slow down with work and I won’t be so mentally exhausted by the time I get home.

I’m also participating in a webinar tomorrow night at 9 pm ET about 10 mistakes bloggers make hosted by Danielle Herzog of Martinis and Minivans. You can sign up here to attend! I may be half asleep, but I’m excited to hear what everyone has to say.


Life Lately – Vacation & Wedding Recap

We got back from Punta Cana early Monday morning and I still haven’t had a moment to even think about getting back to my normal routine. I know it’s cliche and everyone says it, but I need another week to recover from my vacation!

Punta Cana Collage



We arrived and had lunch then got settled. We played mini golf, foosball and pool all afternoon with my sister and her fiance.


We spent the entire morning poolside and then had lunch and spent the rest of the day at the beach. It was pure perfection. At night the boys had a cigar tasting so my sister and I had a romantic dinner together & then walked the beach and ended up finding the boys at their cigar tasting by accident.


The boys went ATV’ing as it was the “bachelor party” so my sister & I hit up the beach and then the pool. We were a little sunned out so we stayed in the shade for the morning and then had lunch with the boys when they got back. After that we spent the rest of the day in the pool playing volleyball. Unfortunately my mother and brother’s flight was so delayed (they were supposed to be there Tuesday) that they didn’t think they would make the wedding so my sister ended up changing it to Friday instead so that everyone could be there. They finally arrived Thursday evening in time for dinner with everyone.


Spent all day in the pool & since everyone was making fun of me I decided to stop drinking cokes and got a little drunk. I then proceeded to lose my sunglasses in the ocean because the waves are insane down there. There is a hilarious video of me trying to jump rope drunk that will never see the light of day! Later that night Alex and I had a romantic “anniversary” dinner. Alex told the front desk when we checked in that it was our 1 year anniversary and we got an upgrade along with a romantic dinner and breakfast. The hotel was having a pool soiree so they had a great setup and after dinner with tons of desserts. Both families sat together and Alex gave a great toast to my sister and her fiance. We spent the night singing karaoke and Alex actually signed my sister’s fiance up to sing Bye Bye Bye by N*SYNC which he totally did! It was truly a fantastic day.


The wedding, which was absolute perfection.


Breakfast was delivered in bed! We went on a snorkeling excursion which was actually not that great and seemed like kind of a waste of a day. We were really disappointed, but none the less it was still fun to just be together. Since it was our last night there Alex and I dressed up and had a great dinner together and then walked the beach and had a serious conversation about the future of our family.


We packed and hung out in the pool since our flight wasn’t until 4:30. Let me just say that the one thing I absolutely HATED about Punta Cana was the airport. It was such a cluster and I was never really sure what was going on. I also forgot to account for the one hour time difference so when I thought our flight was going to be landing we actually still had another hour to go. It was a very long day of travelling and I was happy to get into my own bed around 2 am.


I didn’t want to overload you guys with photos so I just picked a couple that I loved from the wedding and the trip, but let me know if you’d like to see more or if there is anything about Punta Cana that you’d like to know!