Workout Wants

I know January is the month for fitness and resolutions BUT so many people do that and then after a couple weeks fall off and I didn’t want to be another cliche. Instead I waited until this month and finally decided it was time to get back to a healthy lifestyle. As you guys know I once was fully dedicated to crossfit and eating fairly clean, but when I moved I never found a new gym (or could justify spending the money) so fitness went on the back burner. I’m so excited to start classes at OrangeTheory Fitness, a new studio is set to open by my work and I signed up a couple weeks ago and even went all in and joined the nutrition challenge. I can’t wait for it to start and of course for extra motivation I need new workout gear! Here are some of the things I’m currently coveting.

workout wants


The entire bottom row is from Forever 21 which I am absolutely in love with for relatively cheap but decent quality workout clothes. The 2 sports bras are from Victoria’s Secret, I usually prefer their bras because as a bigger chested girl I need all the support I can get. And of course I need a new pair of shoes! I couldn’t find the exact Nike flyknits that I just ordered, but the older flyknits are on clearance right now and you can score a great deal on them if you are on the fence about spending so much money on them. I will fully admit that these will be my first pair of Nike’s because I refused to spend that much money. I was actually gifted the pair I wanted for Valentine’s Day to help me get motivated for the upcoming challenge.

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