Christmas DIY * Scrabble Ornament

Wednesday is here and it’s time to share another super fun and easy Christmas DIY! I can’t believe we only have one more DIY before Christmas is here, this month and series has seriously flown by.

DIY Scrabble Ornament


  • scrabble tiles, you can get these at Hobby Lobby but I would suggest ordering them on Amazon as you can get way more for less money
  • hot glue gun or craft glue
  • ribbon
  • snow tek
  • cardboard or paper plate (optional)

First layout what you would like your ornament to say. I opted to make some as gifts for my friends using their names and for our tree I chose Let it Snow because to me Christmas and snow go hand in hand. Optionally you can use cardboard or a paper plate to glue your letters to, I didn’t do this but it’s up to you. Once you glue your letters together you can apply the snow tek, once the first layer is dry you can continue to layer it on until you get the desired effect. Use the glue to create a loop with your ribbon and glue onto the back of your letters.

I can’t wait to share my last DIY with you guys before Christmas, I hope you are loving this series as much as I am and are making your own Christmas ornaments as well. Until next week!



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