Disney Recap

IMG_5252I know I’ve been back from Disney for a hot minute now, but I just had a million things to catch up on and do before I could get myself together enough to post this. I’m having serious Disney withdrawals and I swear I text Matt at least three times a week saying I wish we were still there. This vacation was a total blast and exactly what I needed. Matt had never been to Disney World before so it was fun to see him experience everything for the first time and I swear he actually pulled me to do things that I thought we were too old for.

Our vacation went as follows:

Sunday: Animal Kingdom

Monday: Epcot

Tuesday: Hollywood Studios

Wednesday: Magic Kingdom

Thursday: Magic Kingdom & Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Friday: Universal Studios & a Magic game

Saturday: Universal Studios


Trick or Treating and staying in Magic Kingdom until midnight was a blast and we seriously got so much candy, I am so happy that we went during my favorite holiday ever. We also grabbed tickets to a Magic game which Matt was super excited about and I actually really enjoyed it (guess I can secretly admit to liking basketball now.)

Before we got to Disney we planned on saving money by not eating in the parks and bringing our own food, but honestly for 2 people it wasn’t that expensive and we ended up eating dinner out every night plus buying some treats throughout the day at the park, that popcorn though. We also spent almost every night at Disney Springs which was fantastic. On Halloween night after being at Universal all day we weren’t sure what we wanted to do so we ended up going to Disney Springs and getting dinner and seeing a scary movie. If I could live at Disney I would be a happy girl. I am already planning our next trip back!


And now that I’m back I plan on focusing more on the blog and actually bought some things to help me as taking pictures for the blog is the hardest part for me and always causes me to delay posts. Hopefully next Wednesday I will be starting my DIY Christmas series as my lighting is set to be delivered this Friday (after already being delayed 2 weeks) I can’t wait to start sharing more content with you guys and I appreciate you all sticking with me!




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