Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend went by way too fast! I need a day to recover from everything. Friday I went to crossfit after work and then decided to come home and start packing as much as I could, but got sucked into a movie once dinner was ready. We went to bed around 2 am and had to be up and at crossfit by 9 am the next morning.
Saturday we went and worked out in the morning which sucked because my knee was being miserable and locking up when I was trying to do things during the workouts. Then I headed home got changed and went to Goodwill to drop off bags of clothes from packing. I never realized how much I had that I never wear or that doesn’t fit me anymore, I’m ashamed to say that a lot of it still had tags on it. Then I picked up my friend and we headed to the mall, I had to exchange a bra at VS and ended up picking up a sports bra from there clearance which honestly still wasn’t very cheap. I also had to pick up all my supplies to make the wedding dress cupcake dress. Then it was home for the rest of the night to make 60 cupcakes.
photo 1
Sunday I woke up early to frost all of the cupcakes and then headed to my friends mothers house to throw her bridal shower. The shower went perfectly and we couldn’t of asked for a better day. I ran around all day and my feet were killing me by the time I got home. Thankfully Mr. H packed a lot while I was at the shower, but of course he packed things he wasn’t supposed to. We made dinner and then decided to go for a boat ride with my dad and his girlfriend. I get a little sad thinking about how we won’t be able to just walk down to the lake and hop on the boat, but in reality we are only 1 minute down the road and can just drive over whenever we want. I planned on packing more last night, but was so exhausted that I passed out by 9pm.
This week I need to pack everything because we have the final walk through Thursday and then closing Friday and we both took Friday off to start moving everything as soon as we get the keys. I hope everyone has a great week & hopefully I can make one more post before the move!

8 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. The cupcakes turned out great! Good job! Looks like a great weekend! Love the last picture on the water too! So pretty!

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