Friday Favorites

It’s time for Friday Favorites and I am so excited for this one because I have a huge reveal!

Meet At The Barre


Favorite song:
I resisted the Iggy Azalea fan club for as long as I could and then I downloaded her album and fell in love.

Favorite moment this week:
I went to a new hairdresser yesterday, I work out with her. Initially I said let’s take it slow with my hair, but then I got there and we said fuck it and bleached my entire head. I am now little mermaid red and I couldn’t be happier. I am amazed at how soft my hair feels considering what I just put it through.

photo 3 (3)
Least favorite moment this week:
If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen this, but during an intense workout I fell on the last set of 10 box jumps and seriously scraped up my arms as well as some nice bruising on both arms. I had to try so hard to not cry, but thankfully I kept it together and we finished the 2 (4)
Favorite Find:

I found this one someone’s twitter this week and found it very interesting. I have never really been into astrology or any of that, but found this pretty accurate for myself. I’m a Virgo btw!

photo 2 (3)



Coming up:

I know that I shouldn’t really be posting about something that hasn’t happened yet because it may be a disaster, but I have a bridal shower this weekend and I am making a wedding dress cupcake cake! I’m super nervous that it’s going to come out like shit, but also excited to see if I can pull it off.



17 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I love the hair!!!! I wish I had the guts… well I kinda do I just can’t ever decide what I want! I have made my daughter a few cupcakes cakes and it is surprisingly easy as long as you have the right icing and piping tip. It will turn out absolutely beautiful and very impressive. You can so do it! I’m a virgo too… that was pretty spot on!

    • my hairdresser is already thinking about the next color she can do, but since I’ve wanted this red forever I think I’ll stay with this for a while

  2. OUCH girlie! Kudos to you even doing box jumps! This chic doesn’t jump period. It’s like my brain and legs don’t communicate and I just can’t make it happen. LOL! Good luck with your cupcake cake!!!

  3. i’m “earth” and omg so fucking true!!!!! also, that wedding cupcake cake! i hope it turns out. i’m doing cupcakes for my kid’s bday party today and i hope it all works out but if not, i don’t think that matters because 6yr olds don’t care for esthetics LOL

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