Humpday Confessions

It’s time for my humpday confessions!

Vodka and Soda

I was a little disappointed with this season of Orange is the new Black, although I did really like them showing the girls before they went to prison.

giphy (18)

I wish I liked wine so then I could say I need to go home and relax with a bottle of wine. But then I would be drinking my calories away so I guess it’s a good thing I don’t. But I can’t make any cool projects out of wine corks.


My phone has been dying around noon every day and I’ve basically been bitching about it nonstop for months, well dumbass me just realized that an app I downloaded months ago is constantly running in the background tracking my steps. Here I was trying to figure out how I could trick someone into buying me a new phone!

giphy (17)

I get at least one email a day at work that I just want to respond like this. Also Ari Gold is my spirit animal.
giphy (16)

And last but not least, I confess that I started this post last week and then just never posted it because I didn’t have enough to confess and I also didn’t have time to search for gifs, which really is the most time consuming part of my posts.



19 thoughts on “Humpday Confessions

    • It is seriously the only part I liked this season! Also for some weird reason my work computer blocks your blog and says I can’t look at it 😦

    • YES! I feel like it is a requirement to talk about how much you can’t wait to get home and drink your wine and I’m just over here like ummm can’t wait for some food!

  1. I liked the flaskback part of the second season but overall didn’t like it as much as the first season. It seemed to lack the same wit and banter. Searching for gifs is so time consuming so I feel ya girl!

  2. Hey Mandy!! Ohh no an app had been the culprit the entire time?? These apps are craaazy sneaky!! And I dont drink wine either.. shhhh!!! lolol Thank goodness im not the only one hahah!!


  3. I try to close all apps in the background now but I always forget so I have several chargers, one with my laptop, one n my purse, two home, one in my car… haha Im always on my phone and iphone batteries suck.

  4. I also noticed that my battery is running low extremely quick and I also downloaded a pedometer, I think I’m going to delete it and see if it helps… but who’s going to count my steps then?! lol

  5. Umm…I didn’t know how to properly close apps on my phone for the first year I had it. It’s not that I couldn’t figure it out, I just honestly didn’t think to do so. OOPS.

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