A Tale of Two Boxes – My Crossfit Journey

As I mentioned yesterday, it seems that everyone has an opinion about crossfit and while that is fine and dandy bashing someone for doing crossfit is another story. I know that I mention crossfit and my workouts a lot on here since joining Breathe in January, but I’ve never actually talked about how I came to crossfit.


3 years ago my friend asked me if I would get a groupon for a month of crossfit classes and I immediately said yes. Mr. H joined us as well and the first week we were really liking it. It was a couple towns away from where we lived, but that didn’t matter to us. At that time my knee was classified as a torn meniscus so I knew I had to take it easy aka no running. I made sure to tell the trainers and they let me modify by rowing instead of running at first. Then one day I walked over to the rower to warm up and the coach (who is also the owner) told me to run, when I said I couldn’t he responded with, “just blow your knee out so you can get it replaced”

I was literally shocked, one of my friends has been through a couple knee surgeries and I knew that was NOT something I wanted to go through. Still I ran. Albeit slowly, which in turn caused the other owner/trainer to lap me once and on the second time he came up on me he just started screaming at me. I broke down and started crying because I literally couldn’t.

For some reason I went back, I mean I spent money on this and it was only 4 weeks so I would tough it out. At this point we were put into regular classes. We were doing some lift that I had no clue how to do and when I asked the owner how to do it instead of showing me he just told me just push the bar overhead. Well since I had no clue what I was doing I know for a fact that my form was terrible and I should not of been doing anything with a 45 pound bar.

Then the nail in the coffin came. Mr. H was having a conversation with the owner about how much he was loving it, but also mentioned that the price was an issue and he wasn’t sure if we could afford it. Nothing was said by the owner then, but later in the week he said it didn’t matter what he taught us because we were just there for the groupon and wouldn’t be joining. He basically checked out from teaching us, although he didn’t really teach me in the first place.

We went back to our regular gym and didn’t give it a second thought, at least I didn’t. Mr. H had caught the bug and last year when I got a personal trainer after being hospitalized for my knee issues he joined the crossfit box that opened in our town. I was happy with my trainer but I wasn’t happy that I never saw my husband anymore. We constantly fought over the time he would spend working out and every time he asked me to come try crossfit I said no because I knew it would be just like the other box we tried.

Finally one day in December we were having an argument and I said that I would agree with anything he said. Out of left field he says that I’m joining crossfit. I grimaced and said yes but made it very clear that I would only try it for the month and then we would never speak of it again. Everyone at the box already knew me through him and were all so happy I finally joined. I would have panic attacks every day driving there because I was terrified of the workouts and the fact that I couldn’t do any of it.

My coaches listened to me when I told them that something hurt my knee and they modified everything for me. They even suggested a physical therapist who has worked wonders on my knee and has basically helped me reverse the damage that I’ve been unknowingly doing to myself my entire life. (I walk and stand with my knees locked which has caused me to lose all my cartilage and have no strength in my quads) I never feel pressured to go up to the higher weight that others are doing because I know that my form will suffer and it will result in an injury. My coaches watch our form before every WOD and make sure that we are doing it correctly.

I like crossfit so much now that I joined the performance team. I never thought I would say that I actually like crossfit, but I guess I drank the koolaid everyone is talking about. So in response to Erin Simmons, no your opinion does not apply to every single box. I know no matter what I say it won’t change your mind and that’s fine, but just know that I am not brainwashed and there is no us vs. them in my mind. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum and at the end of the day no matter what you do, crossfit, running, yoga, etc. it’s about what works best for you. Any workout you do is dependent on you listening to what your body is telling you. Never once has my body told me too late, or have I been pressured to just keep going through the pain. At the end of it all, no matter what, it all depends on you.testing


5 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Boxes – My Crossfit Journey

  1. thanks for sending that link and i can’t believe how this has blown up. while i disagree with some of her comments, everyone is entitled to their opinion and i guess she just has a really strong opinion against it.

    while i would LOVE to join CF, i can’t even wrap my head around the $125/month price tag (that’s how much it is here) and to be honest, there are crappy trainers and great trainers in all areas of fitness, not just CF. i kind of agree that there are a lot of CFers who have this mentality that if you don’t do CF then you don’t do shit. not everyone is like that but i’ve come across a lot who are and they make me laugh. this one time i was at the reebok store talking to one of the sales people when this other guy walks into the store and legit interrupts me to ask which crossfit socks are the best. so i was like, “uh, i was here first; you need to wait your turn” and he looked at me and said “but i do crossfit and i’m looking for socks” so i said “i don’t give a shit if you’re a gold medalist Olympic athlete, that doesn’t give you the right to be rude so you wait your goddamn turn”. he turned and left in a huff. the sales guy left and said ” we get a lot of those in here”.

    anyway, i dont know where this comment is going. sorry about that LOL

  2. I especially like your comment, “Any workout you do is dependent on you listening to what your body is telling you.” That is so true. I sometime try to force myself to do workouts that I know aren’t meant for my body and then I feel guilty about it later because the results aren’t great. I got a gift card for Crossfit not long ago, and my friend recommended that I don’t do it. I’m a little conflicted, but it sounds like you did have a great experience the second time around!

    • Yes my second experience has been so much better! I would definitely recommend trying it for yourself because like I said everyone is different! You just need to know what you will and won’t do and make sure that you stay true to yourself throughout.

  3. Ugh the horrible trainer at the first one is just so wrong people can het injured!! Glad you found one that is better and works with your injuries.

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