Friday Favorites

This Friday has not started off how I would of liked it too and to be honest I don’t really have all the time in the world to even write this post. I need a vacation from my life STAT.

Meet At The Barre

Least favorite moment this week:

Since it was such a short week not a whole lot really happened. I ate chinese food last night and immediately regretted that decision as soon as I started to stuff my face. I am seriously paying for it today. Then on the ride into work this morning I decided to shake my protein shake because it was separating and apparently the top wasn’t on tight enough so it went EVERYWHERE. I now get to spend the rest of the day in my gym clothes. I wouldn’t mind so much but apparently when I washed my pants the chalk didn’t come off of them so there is random blue all over my pants.

giphy (8)


Favorite moment this week:

I have to say, even though the guy turned out to be a stripper, it was nice to be hit on by a hot guy. Every now and then you need to be reminded that other men still find you attractive. It doesn’t hurt that I hadn’t even brushed my hair and I was wearing shorts, so that was an extra confidence booster.

giphy (9)


Favorite link:

I’m sure you all saw the back and forth this week on FB about people who crossfit and people who don’t. I have to admit that I was fired up reading both sides and it also really inspired me to write my own story (I’ve had a post about crossfit in my drafts forever) because even though I do it now, it wasn’t something I immediately loved. I commented very politely on a friends post sharing the “Why I Don’t Crossfit” and was surprised no one else jumped in to argue. This is my favorite response to the recent article.

giphy (10)


Favorite funnies:

I have a lot to talk about this week!


Since everyone wants to talk about the wedding this past weekend




It’s been that kind of week at work


I secretly am always afraid I’m going to like something and then the person will know I am stalking them



Hope you guys have a great weekend, I’m off to the North East Crossfit Regionals and can’t wait to watch everyone kill it.



16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. people “argue” about the dumbest things. why bash crossfit? why bash anything for that matter? stupid. bored people who do this are just plain stupid. if you enjoy something, awesome! if you don’t agree with it, awesome…but there’s no need to say negative things. can you send me the link to all the drama because what’s better than drama? reading about it πŸ˜€

    • Just sent you an email! I couldn’t agree more. Let people do what they want! The woman who wrote the original article put that her opi pon applies to all crossfit gyms no exception which is really what got to me

  2. Love getting compliments especially when not looking your best. Rock it girl! I don’t CrossFit but I am not going to bash anyone for doing it. Duh, people. The article was really funny and true.

  3. Who knew there was such a controversy over exercise? That’s why I just don’t bother workout (just kidding I started T25 and it is all I can talk about to my friends and I so wanted to throw up after the first workout lol)

  4. Girl I totally feel yah on the shaking something and the lid not being on….I did that the other day with my coffee because I wanted to swirl around the creamer (why???!!) and it went all over me and the seats in my car *let the rage ensue*

    Your funnies made my day….that Kanye one hilarious! Thanks so much for linking up! xoxoxo

  5. The hullabaloo over who does and doesn’t do crossfit was insane! If you want to run. Great. You wanna lift? Awesome. Oh, you do crossfit? Wonderful. I seriously don’t get why people are so fired up. “Do you boo!” Have fun this weekend!!!

  6. I am so so careful whenever I’m creeping someone’s old FB/Twitter posts because I’m sure that if I don’t stay vigilant I will accidentally like something! So awkward.

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