Memorial Day Weekend Wrap-up

I finally got all my pictures from my missing camera. Although I will say I thought I took more, turns out I only took 15!

Saturday we worked out in the morning bright and early and then headed straight to our home inspection. I looked like a hot mess (literally) but it went so great and I was so happy to spend 2 hours in our new house. I also took some pictures of our new kitchen, bathroom and my future office! I can’t wait to show you guys the full house and how gorgeous it is.

photo 3 (1)


After the home inspection my brother came over and we went to see Xmen for his birthday. The movie was really good and I was happy to spend time with him. The rest of the night was spent packing the house as well as packing for the wedding the next day.

Sunday we headed up to Portsmouth to check into the hotel and get ready for the wedding. The shoes I ordered for my dress didn’t come in on time (USPS got lazy and decided to say no one was home) so I had to go with a pair I had never worn before.



I really wish I could of kept the dress, but since we are on a spending freeze, spending $100 on a dress just isn’t ideal right now. It served it’s purpose and looked fantastic!

photo 2

10372589_10100129205877739_5455336800528267712_n 10430857_10100129205787919_7390679391969020037_n

We all had a great time Sunday night, but of course I freaked out in the morning when I couldn’t find my camera (and later realizing my id and debit card were gone too) But we headed out to brunch with everyone and sat outside because it was so nice out. After brunch we were on the hunt for coffee for everyone and my friend and I decided to ask a guy walking his dog. He walks over and asks if he can buy me coffee because I’m so gorgeous and when I said I was married but thank you he said it didn’t surprise him since I was so beautiful. He then offered to walk us to the coffee shop and told us how he was a dancer, I asked him what type of dancer and he responded with stripper. I was literally shocked and about to die laughing so we parted ways and rejoined our large group.

We went home and did some small meal prep and immediately passed out because in reality we only got about 4 or 5 hours of sleep. Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I am officially booked every weekend until July, so it’s going to be very busy around here on the weekends!



5 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend Wrap-up

  1. OH my goodness that is hilarious about that guy! What a weirdo! Lol. The dress looks great on you! $100 is a lot for one piece of clothing! Bummer! I’m already loving your kitchen! Looks awesome!

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