Humpday Confessions

I am so friggin happy that it is already Wednesday! Short weeks are the best weeks. Time to linkup with Kathy and reveal some dark secrets about myself.

Vodka and Soda

I confess that I was the only one to stay sober this weekend and I still managed to lose my debit card, license and camera. Also I did not stay sober because I wanted to, I had tons to drink and even had 4 shots in a row. I guess I just wasn’t meant to be drunk this weekend.


Since I lost my camera I haven’t wanted to do my weekend wrap-up yet, but I’m going to pick everything up at the hotel today on lunch.

I confess that I don’t wear makeup, like ever. I wore foundation and all that jazz every day in 10th grade and then I just said fuck it and never looked back. I think I look weird with all of that on my face. One of my husband’s friends made a comment once about how all the girls looked like train wrecks in the morning because they didn’t have makeup on, but I still looked the same and didn’t look like a mess. I’ve taken that to heart and believe that I’m perfect without makeup so why bother.

giphy (1)

I also confess that I have never washed my face at night in my entire life. I was blessed with really good skin and never had to worry about washing my face. I want to try and get into a better routine especially with sweating so much during a workout, but that shit is hard to remember. I am a very lowkey lady and I want to keep it that way.

giphy (2)

I confess that I went to Marshalls yesterday and spent way too much money on workout pants and a skirt. I justified it by saying that I have no workout pants that fit me anymore, but really I didn’t need to buy 2 pairs AND the skirt. I will pat myself on the back though for putting the shirt I wanted back since it was the same price as the most expensive pants.

giphy (3)

I confess that this weekend was a total shit show and that I needed yesterday to catch up with my sleep and didn’t go to crossfit after work. Now I will pay the price and have to go on Thursday to make up my missed day.

Hopefully I’ll have my weekend wrap-up posted later tonight!



11 thoughts on “Humpday Confessions

  1. yay for new workout clothes! i dont wear a lot of makeup that often either, and i hate when other girls do and they look so different without makeup, if that makes sense. i mean, wear whatever you want, but dont put on so much that you are barely recognizable without makeup!

  2. New workout clothes are ALWAYS okay!

    I don’t always wash my face at night, either. And since I started staying home, I barely wear makeup. My dogs don’t care what I look like and my husband’s not going anywhere so why bother?

  3. The nights that you can’t get drunk are the worst!!! Ugh, they bother me so.
    Also, I hate wearing makeup as well. So much work. If I didn’t look 12 without it, I’d never wear it either!

  4. Oh my gosh!! Lucky! I cant leave my house w.o makeup! Believe me though, if I could- I def. would lol!


  5. I spent double my budget on workout clothes last weekend! I really needed them though, so I’m not going to feel bad about it. All of my old stuff is too big, wah wah. 😉

    I have a lot of fun with makeup, but some days I do wish I could go without it and not have people ask me if I’m tired or if I got punched in the eyes. True story! My under eye circles are brutal, especially if I’ve been having a tough time sleeping.

  6. Your husbands comment on makeup reminds me of bridesmaids! LOL. The part in the beginning where she’s rushing to put her face on before her bf sees her… Priceless.

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