Friday Favorites

What a busy week! Although I suppose until we get the house they’re all going to be like that. It didn’t help that I worked some overtime because I came in late this morning thanks to a much needed mani. On to my Friday favorites!
Meet At The Barre

Favorite Pin:

I really want to run out and get cake batter protein to make these, because I constantly have a sweet tooth and I think this would seriously help me feel like I am cheating! Thank you Liz for making something healthy and delicious!


Favorite moment this week:

I won a $25 amazon gift card thanks to Sverve. That shit will come in handy when I want to buy something for the house or more likely when I want to buy something that I know I shouldn’t! If you’re not on Sverve you can sign up and let me know and I’ll endorse you! On top of that while packing I found 2 gift cards from my bridal shower……3 years ago.

Least Favorite moment this week:
My knees have been killing me this week so much that I missed my workout Tuesday night, because of that I went in last night and decided to do the workout myself. Well this included box jumps and of course half way through my jump wasn’t high enough and I slammed into the box. First thing I thought of was how bad that’s going to look in my dress on Sunday.
Favorite purchase this week:
I know, I know, I’m supposed to be on a spending freeze! I went to go get my eyebrows done yesterday and decided to stop in Forever 21 because I thought I still had a gift card and I really wanted to try on the dress Amanda posted about the other day. Well they didn’t have the dress, but they did have 2 others I wanted to try on and I immediately fell in love with the black lace dress. I didn’t have the gift card, but I didn’t tell Mr. H that!
photo (1)
Also this week I have felt so bloated and like I weigh a million pounds and I want to eat everything in sight, but then 2 people told me how good I looked lately and this dress looked so good on me that I sent it to my sister and she told me I looked skinny. I have a long way to go, but it’s good to know that even though I have my ups and downs I am still making progress.
I hope you all have a good holiday weekend and enjoy a couple drinks for me! I’m hoping to post a little sneak peak of the house since we will be there for the home inspection Saturday. I’m also thinking of doing a vlog showing the house we live in now and then when we move doing one of the new house!

10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Love that dress!!! There will be so much you want to buy for the house!! It is fun though to put all your personal touches on the house! Take lots of pictures at the inspection it’s great for before and afters!

  2. That dress looks awesome on you!!! You actually make me feel to buy it. Now. Im shaped similar to you and that dress is just awesome! Sorry about your knees though booo 😦

  3. that dress is gorgeous, share the link girl! i want it! boo to your knee, but that gif is hilarious, i had to watch it like ten times and i’m laughing about the other people who just throw their arms up when the person crashes lol

  4. Box jumps, you go!! I was too scared to jump on even the shortest box I could find at our gym. I think exactly the same thing would have happened haha. That dress is lovely. I want to stop in to Forever 21 this weekend to check out the sale.

  5. I LOVE that dress on you! I seen it on IG! Looks fabulous!! I think a vlog of the old house and new house would be fun! Have a great weekend! I’ll def have a drink or two for you! 🙂

  6. Can I tell you how ridiculously happy it made me to know that you stopped by F21 to search for the dresses that I talked about! Yeah!!!!!! That lace one is perfect on you!!!!! Definitely want to see the pics when it makes its grand entrance 😉 Oh that box gif just hurts to watch I can only imagine! Thanks for linking up and I hope you have a great weekend!!

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