Humpday Confessions

Vodka and Soda

I confess that I have already started looking online at things to buy to decorate the new house. Target is going to basically own my sole come July.

giphy (2)

I confess that now that we can’t spend any money, I want to buy everything. It doesn’t help when I see all the cute blog posts about what everyone else is buying or lusting after.

giphy (3)

I confess that food was the highlight of my Saturday night, not dancing and drinking.Β Β As soon as I got my pizza from the street cart I screamed out “I should instagram this, but I’m so hungry!”


Turns out my legs weren’t good enough for ESPN and they only showed the damn plate, didn’t show us walking towards it.

giphy (5)

Finally I confess that it took me 3 hours to figure out that I had nothing else to say and really I just suck at writing posts in advance. I really want to be one of those bloggers that is super prepared and always has something ready to post in case something comes up, but in all honesty I usually just write my post and then post it. I usually write down in my planner that I’m going to write out some blog posts, but that never happens. Maybe when I have a beautiful new office to write in?!giphy (7)



36 thoughts on “Humpday Confessions

  1. ahhh i want all the cute things but no money is allowed to be spent right now. haha. boo! i love target though, for all the things. i kinda suck at writing in advance, at most i write the night before. i love that tina fey pizza gif! love 30 rock.

  2. Mandy, you always crack me up! LOL! I love the little video clips you insert. πŸ™‚ And I try to write in advance, but that doesn’t always happen. I think there are more like us out there. hehe

  3. Hahaha that pizza-folding gif SO much yes! I’ve been devouring everything I lay my eyes on lately and if I didn’t just get over lady week, I would for sure think I was pregos. Lord help me this bikini season!!

  4. Our closing date is June 28th! How funny πŸ˜€ I know the feeling all too well – I want to buy EVERYTHING but can’t. Ugh. So for now I am pinning all these projects that I can’t wait to start on. Congrats on the house!!

  5. It will be so fun to decorate the house… even if you have no money. Go to garage sales and thrift shops and get creative… (OKAY, I admit, I have no creativity when it comes to that sort of things, so- if that is not your thing, I understand that!)

    • YES Meeghan! I love yard sales and such and have actually been looking at Craigslist to see what I can get for free/cheap. A couple years ago I scored an amazing $500 mirror for $30!

  6. Oh girl I hear yea, I’m now gettin to where I can pre-write something at least the stock of a post in advance but I it took me awhile to get that way I’ll admit lol

    • haha I was scared to buy a sandwich for lunch yesterday in fear of my husband finding out and he told me I was being ridiculous and of course I could buy it. I take that as meaning I can go shopping for the new house too right?!

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