Weekend Wrap-Up

Let me start this wrap-up of the weekend by first saying that after going back and forth for 2 days with the seller of the house, they finally accepted our offer! Now I don’t want to get too excited because we still have so much to do, but it’s still really exciting that our search could finally be over!! We found out our offer had been accepted right before going out in Boston for the night so basically this was me in the car the whole way down.

giphy (4)


Friday we put the original offer in and then I really just wanted to go home, but instead we were good and went to the gym. It was raining and gross out so we didn’t do anything fun afterwards. The seller came back that night and said that they had 4 showings on Saturday so they were going to wait and see what other offers they got.

Saturday we had a workout in the morning and then we went and had breakfast and talked more about the house. We decided to up our offer and hoped that we wouldn’t lose this one like the last 2 we had lost. After that we went to the mall and returned a few things as well as picked up some stuff. We grabbed a late lunch and visited my mom at work since we were in the area. For some strange reason when I got home I decided that I was going to mow the lawn (I’ve never worked the lawn mower in my life) So I mowed the front yard and then proceeded to do the huge backyard as well just for funsies.

As we were getting ready to head into Boston for the night we got the email with a counter offer. I’m not going to lie, I’m scared shitless to make this big of a purchase but at the same time I am so happy to possibly have my own place. We went down to Boston and hung out with Mr. H’s brother and friends and had a great time. We even got filmed by ESPN for one of their breaks in between segments! I mean it’s only our legs walking towards a sign, but still pretty cool. Drunk me was very excited.

giphy (7)


I went food shopping and picked up a gift for the wedding we are going to next weekend. When I got home from food shopping I had Alex go get boxes from Market Basket and while he was out for the day I packed up most of my home office and the bathroom. While packing I found all my old planners, it’s crazy to see how “busy” I was with school. And also how broke I really was, yet I still kept shopping.

photo 3

It was such a nice day out I let the boys have a treat on the back porch and ended up eating dinner with my dad. The weather has been so humid, it feels like summer already so I decided to wear my usual summer bracelets. I can’t wait to go back to the Cape this summer and get more bracelets like the anchor one I’m wearing.


Now I’m crazy busy with work and making sure everything gets done for the house in time for closing (June 27) If everything works out we will be in our new home for Fourth of July and everyone is already talking about having a party that weekend at our house. I’m fine with that, but they all have to help us move! I don’t know how many posts I will have in the coming weeks since I want to focus on the house and make sure everything is done properly, don’t forget about me!



25 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. I hope it is smooth sailing from here! I remember how hard it was when I was looking for a place, and how disappointing it was when we found a place that we really loved and then it didn’t work out!! I don’t know if I could do a party that soon after moving in, lol, I am forever unpacking and organizing, but hey if you have help take advantage! Best of luck!

    • I feel like I really only need to get the kitchen unpacked and setup for the party lol, hopefully work will let me have the week off so I can just get all the unpacking done at once

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