Friday Favorites

It feels like this week has flown by, I can’t believe it’s already time for Friday favorites with Amanda!
Meet At The Barre
Favorite song:
This song was featured on Perez Hilton (guilty pleasure ever now and then) and I remember liking one of her songs a long time ago, but can’t remember what it was called. This song keeps getting stuck in my head!
Not so favorite moment this week:
I guess it’s a good thing when you can’t come up with something specific for your least favorite moment of the week! We have spent every spare moment of time looking at houses & this week was no exception. I looked at 5 and only like 1 out of all of them. Of course the one we like is a little far out of our price range, but we’re hoping the seller will work with us. Also some work stuff is going on, but I don’t really want to expand on it.
Favorite moment this week:
I found a dress for my coach’s wedding and when I texted her to tell her she told me I had amazing style which really shocked me. As I lose more weight I can finally wear the clothes that I’ve always liked, but been afraid to wear. I have never considered myself fashionable at all, but this just made me so happy to hear & maybe I actually do have some fashion sense!
giphy (2)
Favorite pin:
This looks delicious and I really want to make it this weekend, but I know that I would more than likely eat it all and I’m trying to be good.
Currently lusting after:
I bought this necklace from Sassy Steals yesterday and I am so excited! I haven’t bought anything from a daily deal site in a while since I got a little too crazy with them last summer, but I think this necklace is going to look great with my whale shirt! Bonus it was only $8.99!
Looking forward to:
Real housewives of New Jersey comes back July 13 & while I’m sad that so many people left the show my favorite crazy train Teresa is still on it so I will definitely be watching!
giphy (3)
Ladies of London premieres June 3 and while talking to Amanda I was thinking we should have a group text or google hangout to talk throughout the premiere! Let me know what you think would be best, I’ve never done a google hangout so I don’t really know how it works!
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

21 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. yes group text or google hangout (not that i know what that is!) for the premiere of that london show! lol. that necklace is gorgeous – i am so bad with those daily deals, i need to stay away from them!
    that recipe looks dangerously delish.
    i want to see this dress, and duh you have great style girl!

  2. The song is catch but I was mesmerized by her face! It looks like her face got stuck! And, I have not watched a Housewives since the original OC but may start again with the Ladies of London and join you hangout lol

  3. I am so excited for the new season of RHONJ and Ladies of London – bravo is my addiction!! Hope you guys are able to work with the seller for that house!! Have a great weekend!

  4. I remember her from back in the day! That necklace is so pretty? No picks of the dress? Wait who is leaving RHONJ? I totally want to check out the ladies of London.

  5. Great catching up on your week. Sometimes it is better to only like one house. That way your decision is easier! I hope the seller works with you. I am a REAL housewife of NJ and I can tell you that those ladies on the show are nothing like us real NJ wives and moms!

  6. Yes!!!! I don’t know I’m so torn group text or google hangout???? Decisions decisions!!! That necklace is so pretty and such a great price!!!! Thanks for linking up girl! I hope you have a great weekend 🙂

  7. I love the necklace you got! So cute! That’s awesome that you found a dress too! I’m sure your going to look great in it! Yay for having success in your weight loss and beginning to venture out in your fashion styles! That’s exciting! Those cookie cups looks delicious! I hope things get better with you guys finding a house and with your work situation! Have a great weekend!

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