Friday Favorites

This week hasn’t been as crazy as the past few have been, I’m thankful for that! Linking up with Amanda again for her Friday Favorites.

Meet At The Barre

Favorite new purchase:

Biore one minute self heating mask! I bought these after reading someone’s blog saying they really liked them and since my face has been breaking out like crazy I figured why not. I’ve only used it twice so far, but I am loving the scent and I think I am seeing a difference already in my skin!



Not so favorite moment this week:

I was an idiot on Monday night and dropped the bar with 60 pounds on it right on my thumb. At first I tried to act tough like it didn’t hurt, but then I saw the blood and knew I was actually hurt. The bandage is off now, but it’s still pretty sore which is just making life harder.



Favorite boutique:

I ordered my maxi dress from Hope’s on April 29 and it was shipped that day (for free might I add) and I got it in the mail yesterday. I am still waiting on things I ordered from F21 almost a week ago! Hope’s always has free shipping and getting it so quick really was the icing on the cake. Doesn’t hurt that hubby is in LOVE with the dress.



I would just like to say that this is how I feel ALL. THE. TIME. Somehow I still manage to work out 5 days a week. We are on month 3 and I am so proud of myself.



I get remeasured next week to see my 6 week (it’ll be 7 really) progress. The scale hasn’t moved at all which is frustrating, but I know that I’ve dropped at least one size and everyone can see that I’ve “lost weight”. Every time I step onto the scale this is my reaction.

giphy (1)


I’m so happy it’s the weekend in a few short hours. I don’t have anything on the schedule except for my Saturday workout and returning a few things at the outlets (and maybe picking up those shorts since everyone loved them) I hope everyone has a great weekend!



22 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    • hahah I was writing this post and as soon as I wrote that I knew that would be the perfect gif for it! Let’s be honest, I react that way too often to keep track of!!

  1. The scale is the worst – better measure is how your clothes fit – which they dont because you’re shrinking!! #winning!! Hope you have an awesome weekend!

    • As much as I know that it doesn’t matter what the scale says, it’s just ingrained in me to hop on it every once in a while and see how I’m doing. Even though I look better than ever it still stinks when the number is the same !

  2. bwahahahaa Mandy, your post made me laugh this morning! Happy Friday! Except I’m NOT laughing at the weight bar dropping on your thumb. That is NOT funny. OUCH! Hope you have a nice weekend!

    • It smells so dang good, you have to try it! I’m thinking I need to go get it xrayed on Sunday if it’s still not feeling better 😦

  3. I may or may not have developed a mask obsession recently. I’ll definitely check Biore out. Thanks for the share!

    • working out 5 days a week is awesome/sucks. I feel like I have no time to really do the things I want ie blogging, but in the end it’s worth it since I’m looking better everyday!

    • I know, I barely go on it now! But at some point the number needs to start dropping, I can’t be “fit” and weigh what I do right now, there is no way!!

  4. Your gifs made me so happy….I’ve wanted to use that table flipping on about 10 different occasions I still have it saved for that epic moment….yours was perfect execution! Giving you a high five right now for killing those workouts! Thanks so much for linking up and the shoutout! Hope you have a great weekend!! xoxo

  5. Eating whatever I want would be a dream come true. Mannnnn do I miss those days! I didn’t believe people when they said they wouldn’t last! haha

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