Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend didn’t go at all how I expected. Friday I was all alone at work and the phones would not stop ringing so of course I was in a bad mood which led to me yelling at Mr. H. Instead of being mad at me he met me at the gym and surprised me with flowers.


Saturday Mr. H had to get some things done for his truck before our workout (which I expected to suck), we had a showing planned but cancelled it because we didn’t love the house. Well I woke up to a few new houses listed and emailed our realtor to take a look. Our workout was awesome and I was so happy with all my progress I made. We went to go look at the 2 houses and I had no hope whatsoever because I didn’t like the location, but we were pleasantly surprised with the first one we looked at. We ended up deciding we wanted to put an offer in on the house and heard that we were the only ones that looked at the house, but that they had a showing on Sunday. We made a plan to put our offer in on Sunday morning at 9. We headed home and then I met my sister and we headed to the outlets for a dress. I did end up buying a dress, but I don’t think it will be for the wedding. I had so much fun with her and spent so much money BUT I needed new clothes because I’m down another size! I was in American Eagle and my sister convinced me to try on a pair of shorts and they actually fit! I started crying because I was so shocked.


Mr. H went out with his friends, but I opted to stay home and watch OTH season 1 on netflix. He knows the way to my heart because he got me a free tshirt from the promo girl at the bar. It’s too big, but it’s nice to wear around the house.


Sunday we went and put in our offer and then went to Bickfords and had breakfast. From there we grabbed boxes so I could start boxing up our spare bedroom aka junk room. Mr. H had an Eagle Scout ceremony so again I stayed home packing and eagerly awaiting the call saying we got the house. I got a lot of packing done and actually have 2 huge bags of clothes to donate. We didn’t get a call from our realtor until 9 telling us that the other people put in an offer too and they didn’t pick our offer. I’m pms’ing as it is so of course I went into full meltdown mode right before Mr. H got home. I’m just sick of looking at houses and then hoping and praying that our offer is accepted. Back on the horse tomorrow, today let me 5 oreos to ease the pain.

IMG_5210 IMG_5211 IMG_5212 IMG_5213

Hope you all had a good weekend!




17 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. Loved your weekend recap!! I can relate to you regarding the work/phone thing. I work in customer service and when even 1 person is out it is a pain, can’t imagine being ALONE! eecckkk! Glad you had a good work out! Good luck with the house hunting. Keep us posted! xo

    • It’s usually just me answering phones anyways since there’s only 1 other person in the office with me, but having him there makes a huge difference!

  2. Sorry about your house. There is a reason and there is something better out there waiting. Also, Yay for you and cleaning out your closets and such! I know that is an icky task and now it is over! Time to celebrate!

  3. Your H is so sweet to meet you at the gym with flowers!! I’m sorry that these offers aren’t going through – but your house is out there!! πŸ™‚

    • He totally changed my whole mood when I saw him with the flowers! Im hoping that we find something soon so we can be settled before life starts getting crazy in September

  4. Great weekend wrap up! We are on the cusp of putting our house for sale and I am DREADING it. Your post made me dread it a little bit more lol. Seriously though, good luck! It’ll all work out in the end.

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