Friday Favorites

I’m linking up with Amanda from Meet at the Barre who is one of my favorite ladies in this little blog land! Usually I do my Five on Friday, but I wanted to switch it up and support her new linkup as well!

Meet At The Barre

So all of my plastic tumblers have gotten gross and started smelling pretty bad. Instead of going out and buying MORE plastic tumblers I decided that I wanted mason jar tumblers. I have had my eye on them for a while and even attempted to make my own, then I realized they don’t fit into my car cup holder and that just won’t work for me. Thankfully they make skinny mason jars and have saved the day! Instead of spending a ridiculous amount of money on just 1 I ordered a whole case of just the jars to make my own and I am so excited!



Mr. H finally bought a new truck so the hunt for that and constantly switching cars is thankfully over. Wednesday while he was driving to Vermont to buy the truck I went and looked at 2 houses. Of course I fell in love with one, but they had already received 3 offers substantially OVER asking price. This market is crazy right now and I’m just hoping we find a house for the summer.


I have been eating like complete crap this week because we didn’t meal prep again. Of course Mr. H did the grocery shopping and he bought a million packages of pork when all I wanted was some spaghetti squash and hamburger. Wednesday night after looking at the houses I totally caved and made myself some Annies shells and alfredo, PLUS I bought some easter candy that was on clearance since I didn’t get a basket anyways. Basically I looked like this while it was cooking & then when I ate it I wanted to puke.

giphy (3)


Then last night I attempted to make sweet potato waffle fries and they came out like shit so of course I had a hissy fit and cried about how I just wanted regular freaking fries with my bison burger. I ended up just eating the burger and then going to bed because I’m such a whiny little brat lately. The struggle to stay committed to this lifestyle is real right now. I need this shirt so everyone at the box understands.



I have plans to go to the outlets this weekend to find a dress for a wedding we have in May & I am super excited to shop! I have been EXTREMELY good these past couple months and have been throwing everything into the savings and putting off buying anything. I said I would only be buying a dress for the wedding, but I totally plan on buying whatever I want and then feeling bad about it when I get home.

giphy (1)



21 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Outlet shopping is always so fun!! Hope you are successful in finding a dress! I always get upset when I’m expecting a meal to turn out one way and then it tastes like crap!! Happy Friday!

  2. Love the mason jars. I bought a case from Wal-Mart and use them for everything! Stinks about the house having so many offers. Hope you find a nice dress this weekend!

    • I ordered my case from Walmart too! Considering I already bought one dress while I was on lunch TODAY I think tomorrow is gonna be a shitshow haha

    • I bought a 9 pack of the mason jars from Walmart, but they only have regular tops. I am going to do a post showing how to make them into tumblers. I found so many cute ones on Etsy though!

  3. Yeah!!!! I got so happy with your intro!!!! Thanks so much girl 🙂 I would have cried and probably threw the pan of the fries….I hate when I put effort into a recipe and it’s a total flop especially when I’m hungry!! Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

  4. I didn’t know they made mason cup tumblers. It looks great, and I’m sure you’ll find a better house with less offers. Have fun at the wedding!

  5. those mason jars are a great idea…but how would you do the lid? that’s the tricky part. i guess you could drill a hole but then on the underside, it would be sharp, right??? hmmm….i need to think about that more.

    also, outlet shopping is the best. our outlets here suck ass and i’m going to go wild turkeys on them in florida!

  6. Those Mason jar tumblers are so neat! And yay for a new truck! I’m just like you when it comes to making something and it doesn’t work out! Haha! Have fun shopping for a dress too! That’s always fun!

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