Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was full of Easter goodies, but first let me explain why I didn’t post my usual Five on Friday. Monday 10 minutes after leaving work I got into a 3 car accident. Thankfully no one was badly injured and the cars were all relatively ok. I was the car in the very front so thankfully I didn’t hit anyone, but I was very shaken up and ended up with severe back pain for the whole week. I had to take the week off of crossfit and take some time off of work because the spasms were so bad. My back is almost 100% better now but I’m still on the mend. Dealing with insurance companies and not being able to do anything all week was not my idea of fun.

Friday night I was finally given the ok to head back into crossfit so I did the regularly assigned workout and then made up another workout I missed from the week. Apparently I needed to take a week off from working out because I finally got a strict pull up (granted I use the bands, but still I haven’t been able to get my chin over the bar until now)

Saturday morning I spent 5 hours at the gym with Mr. H catching up on workouts that I missed and I was finally able to successfully do box jumps as well as back squat 125 pounds (3 weeks ago I couldn’t even break parallel with a pvc pipe) Then I headed home and made some dessert before celebrating Greek Orthodox Easter with my dad. My dad is always asking for a trifle so I threw together some cheesecake pudding, angel food cake and cool whip to make this treat. Also can we talk about how ridiculous my dad is when it comes to bread?!

peep trifle




Sunday I celebrated Easter at my sisters house with my mom there as well. We played a game of monopoly and then my sister and I tried to learn smoke tricks using her new hookah. All in all it was a fantastic weekend spent with family and the weather couldn’t of been nicer. I haven’t been able to go food shopping or do food prep for 3 weeks now so I foresee a lot of salads for lunch this week. Tomorrow is supposed to be 70 out so I’m excited to head back out to the picnic table!

picnic lunch




6 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. So sorry to hear that last week was so rough for you – So happy that you’re ok and everyone else is good as well….thankful you’re on the mend!! Love the peeps treat – you did great!! Happy Monday and hooray for great weather!

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