Weekend Wrap-up

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I was told that last weekends wrap-up was boring so I made sure to take pictures this weekend as we walked through houses!



Spent the night at the box watching everyone tackle 14.3. I was so excited when we watched the announcement for this workout since I love deadlifts and knew I didn’t need to modify anything about this workout when I did it on my own. Before I watch everyone do the workout I take the 6:30 class and we do the open workout. I got 72 reps which I was proud of, but honestly I wish I could do it again because I think I can do better.



I left around 9:30 and when Mr. H got home he told me that everyone went to T-Bones and even though I was already in my pjs I asked why we weren’t going. I know we are trying to save money, but every now and then we need to go out and have a little fun. So we joined everyone for dinner & it was nice to have friends that all live in the area.


We walked through 5 houses from 10-1. One house I didn’t take any pictures of because it was so terrible. It was a very old house and as soon as we walked in I knew there was no way I could live there. Two of the houses we looked at were splits and Mr. H HATED them. He did try to give them a chance so I will thank him for that, but we won’t be looking at those anymore. We had 2 contenders from the 5, one being the dream house that I want. One of the houses is basically done and needs no work until we start having kids and need more room for our family and the other (dream house) needs about $20-30,000 in work before it would be livable. It would be a lot of work and money to put into a house before we even move in and then once we move in there is still the fact that the house itself needs to be updated and kitchen needs to be redone. Both of the houses we like are priced a little too high for what we want so we would have to cross our fingers that the bank accepts our offer if we do decide to take one.



After walking the houses since it was so nice out we took the boys to the dog park which of course it then started raining and getting cold again. We went and saw Veronica Mars and I thought it was pretty good and ended up exactly how I thought it would. Mr. H wasn’t that happy about it and said it was kind of boring. I wish I had realized that I could of just rented it at home for $6.99 instead of spending $40 at the movies.


Mr. H went skiing for the day so I was left to run all the errands and meal prep myself. I went to TJ Maxx to kill some time before a store opened up but couldn’t find anything I really liked. Sundays are usually pretty boring days for me as I spend the whole day food shopping and then cooking for the rest of the week. I also started spring cleaning the house. I prepped all my meals for the week and for once actually got my gym bag ready and clothes for the next day since I am now working an hour away from home again. The offices we moved into are another temporary solution which is annoying, but at least it is a little more private than being on the floor of the urgent care.


I hope you all have a great week & can’t wait to share what I whipped up this weekend in the kitchen!




5 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-up

  1. Sorry to hear that your commute is longer now!! that is never fun!! Sounds like you guys had a relatively relaxing weekend and i’m crossing my fingers for the house for you guys!!

  2. I love Deadlifts!!! Bummer the house you liked needed that much work. A house is expensive enough you don’t need that kind of headache moving in unless it is priced really low.

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