Five on Friday


I went to crossfit 3 days in a row this week and was so happy that Thursday was rest day, but then Thursday came and I looked at the WOD and wanted to go in so bad. I think you can say I am officially a crossfitter. Mr. H keeps telling me I need to join the performance team, but I’ll be honest I can barely finish the WOD’s now so I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with the performance team


Tomorrow we are going with the realtor to do a walk through on 5 houses and one of them is the house we really want. We are hoping that it is considered livable so we can put an offer in. I am trying not to get my hopes up, but I really see us in this house.

giphy (5)


Speaking of our dream house, I had a dream last night/this morning that we got the house and weird things kept happening like the tv changing channels randomly, doors opening, lights being turned on and pictures moving. Then of course in my dream one night Mr. H went into the bathroom and something attacked me and locked him in the bathroom so he couldn’t help me. Let’s hope we don’t buy a haunted house!

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The Veronica Mars movie came out today and I am so excited to see it this weekend! I started watching season 1 the other day thinking that I could watch all the seasons, but then realized 3 episodes in that it wasn’t going to happen because frankly I don’t have that much free time on my hands anymore

giphy (7)


I got news on Monday that I will now be working out of Portsmouth which is an hour drive from where we live right now. Needless to say Monday was not a good day. I left my other job because I was sick of the hour drive and this job was so much closer. I asked my boss for a raise to cover the cost of travelling or the ability to work from home 3 days a week so we will see what happens. Supposedly I am supposed to start working there this Monday, but I’m hoping it falls through and I don’t have to.







14 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Haha! Love that crossfit was your first one. Good luck on the house walk through. Hope it is perfect. The haunted thing would freak me out but I think it is just nerves. Buying a house is stressful but so worth it too. Hope everything works out with the job, commuting is not fun.

    • I’ve always commuted and was so sick of it and was happy to finally find a good paying job that was close to home so I was really upset about it, but I’m hoping I get to work from home more.

    • Yes! I was so excited to see that she ends up with Piz in the movie, but the previews make it look like something might happen. I really want to see it tonight, but theaters in my area aren’t playing it so I have to travel on Saturday to see it

  2. Driving an hour is a pain. I was doing a two hour commute each day and it really started to wear on me mentally & Physically! GOod luck with the house that you want!

    • I left my other job because of the commute getting to be too much and now I get hit with the same drive for less money! It stinks and I hope that we can work something out

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