Humpday Confessions

So since I don’t have a new recipe post for you I figured I would take a shot at this confession post! I promise I am working on new recipes, this weekend was rough with a sick husband.


I confess that ever since I started my dietbet and my no-carb diet I have been dreaming of eating a big bowl of pasta EVERY night. I am not even joking here, it’s just me sitting there eating a massive bowl of the most delicious pasta I have ever (not) tasted in my life.


I confess that I watched 2 seasons of Parks & Recreation yesterday while “working”, but in my defense I was just learning about government!

giphy (1)


I confess that I actually love crossfit and that I am quitting my gym to join my crossfit gym full time. I confessed this to Mr. H the other day so I might as well confess it here too. I got my first double under on Monday night after being there for almost 3 months and was so excited that I stopped mid-workout to squeal like a little pig.

giphy (2)


I also confess that I have been having A LOT of dreams featuring Dylan O’Brien from Teen Wolf. I mean he’s younger than my little sister, but he’s just so dang cute! I guess I can also confess that I secretly love Teen Wolf and I am really hoping that they don’t kill off his character.

giphy (3)


See ya on Friday!





18 thoughts on “Humpday Confessions

    • It is pretty expensive compared to a regular gym membership, but I feel like I get such a better workout from it and really get the coaching I need. I used to have to google every single movement before I did them when I was by myself at the gym!

  1. I confess that I use to dream of potatoes and sour cream when I was on South Beach to the point that I looked forward to dreaming. That said. When I was pregnant I c-r-a-v-e-d (and eat) baked potatoes for lunch and dinners. Maybe breakfast lol

  2. Have you tried spaghetti squash as an alternative (not sure if it’s allowed on your diet) but it’s a pretty close second – I rarely eat pasta now!! Yay for joining cross-fit! I’m still super intimidated by it, but I love the results people get!

    • YES! I am allowed to have it I believe and I actually have one in my kitchen right now, I just haven’t had the time to make it lately. I am still super intimidated every time I walk into the gym, but I always love the way I feel when I finish a workout.

  3. Love Parks and Rec!! Also, I agree with the spaghetti squash suggestion, you can alllllmost trick yourself into thinking you’re eating pasta! Almost..

  4. I eat pasta at least twice a week every week. I could never give it up, haha!
    I just started Parks and Rec the other night… I’m loving it so far!

    • Girl I was eating it twice a day! Or at least once a day and then rice with another meal. I first told my trainer a year ago I could never give it up, but now it’s time to get serious!

  5. My cousin is really into CrossFit. She posted on facebook some time with some code word that only CrossFit people would know, so I looked it up. I found some video on youtube, and it was crazy. Watching this guy do all these different reps at record speed with lots of weight made me want to faint! Also, love love love that Full House gif! haha

  6. I confess that I took a nap today and had a dream that I was taking a test on blogging. And I didn’t know anything! Yikes! LoL. And I think we can learn so much by binge watching shows. At least that’s what I tell myself.:)

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