7 years with the Mr.

Today marks 7 years that Mr. H and I have been together, so I thought I would tell the story of how we came to be! Our mutual friend set us up, every Wednesday night Mr. H and his friends would go out for wings so our friend told me that she had someone she thought I would like and that I should come to dinner with them. We added each other on myspace and talked a little on the phone before we met. The night we met for dinner he walked in the door and all I could think was “oh my God that is the worst leather jacket ever” (side note we still laugh about the jacket) We spent all dinner talking to each other and I barely touched my food, which is a huge deal for me. We instantly hit it off and it felt like we were the only 2 at dinner even though we were at a table of 10. After dinner we wanted to keep talking so we went to a nearby 24 hour Dunkin Donuts, which apparently they did all the time. We kept talking until I got a phone call from my dad asking where the heck I was, I looked at the time and it was 3 am, I had a flight out with my family in the morning as we were going to Disney for a week.

While I was in Disney I was texting him and he never responded to any of my texts so I was getting pretty upset (he had a nextel and DID NOT text, I had to buy him an iphone for him to finally start texting) One night I was sitting in the hotel room and got so excited because he came on AIM, (I had a sidekick, wow all of this sounds so old!) we talked for literally 2 seconds before he said it was his brothers birthday and he had to go have dinner. So basically I sat there thinking there is no way this guy actually likes me because girls are stupid and read way into these things. 

When I got back from vacation we planned on going out on a real date and I almost cancelled because I was so sick, but we went and he didn’t want to tell me where we were going because it was surprise. He ended up getting lost and had to tell me where we were going and I had to call my dad for directions. I was a stuffed up, coughing mess and could barely hear anything so I was basically screaming the whole time. I was shocked when he paid for dinner and he opened my car door for me and I also told him that no one had ever done that for me before. We went to his friends house to watch a movie, but I started falling asleep so he took me home. He walked me to my door and I said “you don’t have to kiss me because I don’t want to get you sick” and without any hesitation he kissed me and I instantly knew I had a boyfriend. We parted ways and I ran upstairs to tell my sister that I basically had a boyfriend now. And the rest is history I guess.

Now if you actually read all of that then thank you! Now I’m going to spam you with  pictures throughout our relationship!

collage1 collage2 collage3



19 thoughts on “7 years with the Mr.

    • Hah yes I was very used to guys playing games with me and thinking everything was so calculated when really he just wasn’t that into technology

    • Him and his friends used to hang out at this dunkin donuts all the time because they are (still are) coffee addicts haha it’s so silly though to think that we went to a dunks at midnight

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