Bachelorette Survival Bucket

As you all know my sister had her Bachelorette party last week. I had seen a “barf bucket” on Pinterest and while I didn’t think the name was very cute or a fun gift to give someone I knew I wanted to give my sister something small since I will also be celebrating with her while we are in Punta Cana. I went to Hobby Lobby to get a few things for the evening and happened to see a black bucket in the summer section and immediately came up with an idea. The Bachelorette Survival Bucket, which can be tailored to the bachelorette’s taste. I happened to have some rhinestones and little hearts left over from my days of making phone cases so I glued those onto the bucket using E6000 glue. For the writing on the bucket I just used the liquid chalk markers that I got for the chalkboard we would be using that night and let it dry for a couple of hours. I got shredded paper for the bottom of the bucket and then bought small things she would need throughout the night.


Basket contents:

  • Listerine Strips
  • glitter hair ties
  • makeup wipes
  • travel size Tylenol extra strength
  • travel size Tums
  • monogrammed tissues with her new last initial
  • sleep mask
  • her favorite candies
  • 4 cans Red Bull silver edition (her current favorite)

You can literally just go to Walmart/CVS and pick up small goodies that you know the Bride will need throughout the night! We were all very happy that I included the makeup remover since some of us forgot ours and no one wants to go to bed with makeup on!

Since this week is all about weddings check out the destination wedding thank you cards I made as well!



30 thoughts on “Bachelorette Survival Bucket

  1. Great idea! Love handpicked gifts like this. Hope this produced lots of laughs! Visiting here as part of the SITS Girls Comment Love event. 🙂

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