Five on Friday


Katy Perry tickets went on pre-sale today and she added another concert in Boston! I plan on trying to get tickets on Monday morning because my sister and I both agree that we went the best seats possible. I absolutely love Katy and am obsessed with her newest album. You may remember a couple Five on Friday’s back when her album first came out and I said I loved it, well I’m still listening to it non-stop.



My sister’s bachelorette party  is tomorrow and I am so excited!Bring on the penis shaped straws!



This past week I have been teamed up with fellow bloggers through SITS to find my tribe & I just have to say how nice it is to have other bloggers to go to and ask questions and just know that we all support each other


We signed the papers for the mortgage and got them in yesterday! We should know something more by this weekend. I am so excited that once we come back from vacation it is full house hunting mode! I know I keep posting about this each Friday, but seriously this is the most exciting thing in my life right now. Alex and I have been trying to buy a house for almost 2 years now and it finally looks like it might happen.


Thanks to my SITS Tribe I have started using Google+ more actively and am finally getting the hang of it. I would love if you would add me on there and help me stay active!

download (3)

If you stayed and read all of that thank you! I think this may have been the most boring Five on Friday yet, at least I’ll make up for it on Monday with bachelorette pictures!



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