DIY Thank You Cards

In case you need a reminder my sister’s wedding is less than 2 weeks away! She put together welcome bags for everyone for when they check into the hotel and she needed to make thank you cards to put with the bags. Me being the anxious person that I am I came up with a rough draft of a thank you card that I have to say I am pretty pleased with. We are meeting Thursday night to make changes and of course to fix the colors since I just made a quick guess when I made it.

Thank you cards are a huge part of weddings whether they are destination or not. I used picmonkey to create this which is available to everyone for FREE. I left hers very simple since it is a smaller destination wedding, but the possibilities with this card are endless and you can also upgrade on picmonkey to Royale and get even more cool features. I haven’t bit the bullet and bought it just yet, but I think I may need to if I want to keep making cards!

Thank you cards

I made the card using a 4×6 layout, but you could make it any size. We plan on printing these ourselves on card stock and then more than likely attaching them to the welcome bags with some ribbon. These are super simple to make, but if you have any questions or would like to see some ideas please feel free to email me at!




10 thoughts on “DIY Thank You Cards

  1. Love this – I tried to have a lot of DIY elements where I could in my wedding as well!! Thanks for the link to PicMonkey – i’d never heard of it before!! 🙂

    • My wedding was all DIY except for my cards haha! I actually had never heard of it before either and then a girl I used to work with was using it to edit some photos and I was hooked!

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