In the Kitchen – Weekly Meal Prep

Today’s post is a little different from regular In the Kitchen posts, I don’t have a recipe for you, but rather how I prep my meals for the week. For as long as I can remember I’ve been one of those people who just throws something in my lunch bag 5 minutes before I have to leave for work or worse just order out/pick something up because I just didn’t have the time or the food in my fridge. Thanks to Mr. H participating in a nutrition challenge we started prepping all of our lunches & breakfast for the week on Sunday. At first this seemed like a really daunting task, and it was because we were so unprepared! I’d like to say we are finally getting the hang of it, but of course we just decided to start trying to prepare dinners ahead of time too.


We eat fairly clean in our house now so that definitely makes the bill a little bit more expensive, but shopping in bulk at stores like BJ’s has really saved us. As time goes on you will learn what prices are a good deal and what you should and shouldn’t buy in bulk. We go through about 2 1/2 dozen eggs in a week so we buy the 5 dozen box knowing that we will go through it before it expires, if you are just starting to prep your meals in advance I would suggest starting with smaller amounts and learning what you actually need.

Every Sunday we come up with a list of essentials that we KNOW we need, this includes all of our fruits, veggies, eggs and cheeses. Surprisingly we don’t come up with any sort of meal plan for lunches or dinners before we go, there is a method to this madness I promise! We have found that instead of coming up with a set list of meats for meals we just go to the store and see what meats are on sale and then work with what we find. Now we absolutely could look at sale flyers, but let’s be honest we don’t have time for that! We mainly shop at Shaw’s for our meats and every week without fail they have great Buy One Get One Free sales on their meats which works out awesome for us.

Once we get home we decide what we want to make for lunch and get to cooking! This is an all day process so be prepared. We usually make at least one thing in the Crockpot which is a huge lifesaver, but not very effective when you only have one. We stick to making big batches of the same meal and then eating that with different vegetables throughout the week. Your cooking time will obviously be longer if you want to make more of a variety for the week.

As for dinner, this week is the first week that we have tried to tackle this. We have trouble eating dinner at a reasonable time because we aren’t home until 8 pm and then we usually take some time to talk and figure out what we are going to make for dinner. I recently came up with a taco bowl recipe, I’ll share this recipe at a later time, which we both love and it’s fairly simple. So we pre-made the taco meat for the bowls that way when we get home at 8 we can just chop up some toppings and throw the beef in the microwave.

I know this is a very long post, but I hope it helped some of you who are tossing around the idea of dedicating one day to meal prep. We all lead busy lives and I really think meal prep is one way to help us all have a little more time for the things we ACTUALLY want to do. I’ll be sharing our taco bowl recipe as well as Mr. H’s breakfast quiche recipe soon!



4 thoughts on “In the Kitchen – Weekly Meal Prep

  1. Really great process – I do meal plan every week with set meals that we’ll be eating for dinners…but for lunches we’re pretty standard! We make juices for breakfast so we usually make enough for two days on sunday and then do it again on tuesday!! that has been a life saver as well!! I love reading how other people go about food preparation!

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