Cupid’s Wreath

I know I said I keep an eye out next week, BUT I just couldn’t wait to show you this cute wreath I made! I recently found this wreath on Pinterest and knew I wanted to make one ASAP. I know it’s only January, but every year I feel like Valentine’s Day gets looked over. While I liked Mrs. Polly Roger’s original wreath that she made, it felt a little busy to me and I also wanted to incorporate my favorite color. The best part of this wreath is that everything is from the Dollar Tree! I already had my mod podge and glitter, but you can buy good ole white glue and red glitter at Dollar Tree as well.

Cupids Wreath Supplies

Start by brushing glue on all of the clothespins (keep the clothespins on the cardboard it comes on!) You only need to glitter one side of the clothespins so go crazy with that glitter! While that is drying you can cut the inside of the pie plate out, you will only need the outer rim. You are going to take the felt hearts off the rings that they are attached to. You can keep the rings for other projects on Mrs. Polly Roger’s, but I didn’t have a need for them. I used 18 felt hearts to go around the pie tin. Once the clothespins are dry you can then start pinning your felt hearts around the pie tin, making sure to cover the tin. Then you can take either red or pink large table scatter and use a little hot glue to hide the holes at the bottom of the felt hearts. Then with your hot glue gun you can glue the smaller table scatter hearts to the tops of the clothespins.

Cupids Wreath

When all’s said and done this wreath cost me $5 to make and I can actually make another one bringing the price down to $2.50! I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day this year and this is seriously helping me get in the mood. Every year we always keep Valentine’s Day low key and this year is no exception, we will be in Punta Cana the week before for my sister’s wedding, but decorations help me really enjoy the holiday without breaking the bank.

What’s your favorite thing about Valentine’s Day? I plan on making some Valentine’s Day treats next week so keep a look out for those!



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