Five on Friday


I am attempting to do the December Photo Challenge by FatMumSlim, but so far I am failing miserably. I am a couple days behind on posting, but thankfully I have taken the pictures already (for the most part.)

photo 1[TWO]

We decorated the house for Christmas on Saturday (we usually do it Black Friday, but I had to work) and we tried a new way of putting the lights on the Christmas tree. Instead of going around the tree with lights we went back and forth on every branch, and when I say we I mean Mr. H because I am terrible at doing the lights! Personally I think we need more lights on the tree because I see some dead spots, but I think Mr. H was just about done with me the day of decorating.

photo 2[THREE]

My sister and I went out to dinner Wednesday evening and then went shopping and decided to get matching pajama’s for Christmas Eve. We bought them from a store called Garage which neither of us had ever been in before, but I absolutely love them! I actually want to go back and buy more styles because they are that great! My dad told me I looked like a Kardashian in them, I left it alone and took it as a compliment. Buying these matching PJ’s is really getting me excited for Christmas, as if you couldn’t tell!

photo (1)[FOUR]

I have just been obsessed this week with my puppy Chester, he only sleeps on the floor next to me so I created him a little pillow/blanket heaven and I just can’t get enough when I get in to bed he goes right over and passes right out. He is also not allowed to sleep on the bed, but sometimes before we go to sleep we let him come up and cuddle with us for a little so the other night while the Mr and I were doing our nightly routine Chester just sat at the end of the bed resting his head on the bed waiting for us to say it was ok for him to come up. I mean look at that face, how can you not love him to death?!


We have been talking about all different things we can do the weekends leading up to Christmas and I am really excited to either go to the speedway and drive around the track looking at the light displays or to do a historical holiday stroll through all the old houses in Portsmouth. I am just so excited and love Christmas so much! Mr. H is not in the best Christmas spirit this year, so I am trying my darndest to bring it out of him. Here’s to not being the Grinch!


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