Giving Thanks


I can’t believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving! This year has truly flown by, I remember making our New Years resolutions like it was yesterday. I saw a few posts listing the silly things they are thankful for, but I figured I could just do one big post with the serious & the silly.

-my husband…..I think this one is pretty obvious, but truly I am so thankful for him, especially during the holiday season. He is my new family now and I am so lucky to get to spend the days with him and just have a genuine good time when we are together, we are almost always laughing! Unfortunately in the past years holidays have changed for me, but he is the one constant in my life.

my iPhone…..Seriously what did I do without smartphones? I am always connected to so many amazing people thanks to my iPhone and I am also able to capture so many amazing moments thanks to my phone. Although I’m sure the hubby would say hates the competition with the phone sometimes!

my job…..I recently changed jobs, but I am so thankful for the work that I have done all year. I never once thought in my whole life that healthcare would be something that interested me, but surprisingly I love it! I have been truly blessed with the opportunity to try something new and to continue to grow in the field and show off my skills.

Pinterest……I’m pretty sure this is on everyone’s silly list, but in all reality I never would of been able to continue this blog or made so many great recipes without it! It continues to inspire all of us daily and honestly has probably connected more of us than we even realize.

my dogs……I know this one may seem silly to some, but my dogs mean everything to me! I am so lucky to experience taking care of someone else other than myself. I never realized how hard it could truly be until we got Lucky as a puppy and I realized that I couldn’t sleep in when he was crying (he peed on my head to prove that point) They brighten up everyday and always know when I need a cuddle session.

outlets….I am so happy that they created outlets and I learned how amazing they were! Because of outlets I can now afford clothes that my mother always said was too expensive and I can now keep up with all the fashionistas on instagram!

things to come…..I am so thankful for the plans that my husband and I have made for the coming months/year. I am a BIG planner in case you guys didn’t know and it makes me giddy to think about all the amazing things that we have planned in the coming months. Aside from trips we also have things that we hope to achieve and I am so thankful that we have reached the point in our marriage that we can start making these plans. I know this is very cryptic but I promise more will be revealed when the time is right!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to everyone, please be safe if you plan on going out on the biggest drinking night of the year! I believe we may go out to enjoy the company of friends, as long as I can get up in the morning and watch the parade!



8 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. It’s not silly to be thankful for your dogs! I’m so thankful for both of mine. They’re 10 years old now and I’m so thankful they’re still healthy! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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