Five on Friday


We had date night last night and saw Catching Fire and it was AWESOME! I feel like they did a great job taking the book and making it into the movie, usually all I do is sit through a movie and complain about things that weren’t in the book or things that were totally left out from the book, but thankfully for Mr. H I didn’t make a peep through the movie. Even though the Mr. had work today he still was a champ and was actually the one who asked me if I wanted to go (he loved the first one, thank you Jennifer Lawrence!)



I have been getting into the Christmas spirit by starting some crafts for the holidays as well as buying some new ornaments for the tree. There are quite a few different holiday swaps out there in the blogosphere that I have signed up to do and I am wicked excited to participate and see how everyone loves their gifts! I promised myself that I would wait until the day after Thanksgiving, but it’s hard when everyone else is jumping on the train to Christmas-town! I will fully admit that I am listening to Michael Buble Holiday station on Pandora right now.


One of my friends has been talking about having a Pinterest party for a while now and I have been racking my brain to think of what I could bring to make if we actually have one. Well I have about a million and 1 things pinned so it’s really not that easy, but I think I’ve decided to make personalized mugs with sharpies! Plus there is a sweet deal on K-cups right now at Shaw’s so it makes the perfect gift for the coffee drinker (or cocoa drinker!) in your life.



I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next Thursday! This year has seriously flown by. We are having an early dinner with Alex’s family. I have to work on Friday which stinks because I did plan on going Black Friday shopping this year, but to be perfectly honest I have no idea what I would even buy so I guess it’s not a big loss. And no I don’t support shopping on Thanksgiving at all and won’t even think about it!


I may or may not have already bought a 2014 desk calendar, BUT I have good reasoning! I got the ecard desk calendar because last year I decided to wait and see if it went on sale or I got it for Christmas and then was sadly disappointed when it was sold out everywhere. 2014 will be filled with a laugh everyday when I look at my new calendar!



4 thoughts on “Five on Friday

    • We sat in line for an hour and a half to see the 9:15 show! We got there at 7:30 thinking we might be able to see the double feature premiere at 8, but they basically laughed in our faces! I hope you get to see it, it was awesome!

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