Five on Friday


I have been failing as a blogger! I started my new job this week and only worked Monday and today, so of course in my head I was going to accomplish so much and blog a ton. Obviously that didn’t happen and I spent most of my time bored out of my mind wondering what to do. So today I sat down and started planning out blog posts and things that I want to do. I think my biggest problem is that my “office” was a disaster and I at least started cleaning that out on Wednesday. My desk is back from college and literally $10 from CVS. I have a plan to build an awesome new desk to work from that I think will really make me excited to work.


Speaking of the new job, I started on Monday and got a raise & promotion on Tuesday! Talk about making the right move. I was a little down on Monday because I felt very overwhelmed and thought I made the wrong choice, but things are always a little hard the first day and you have to ride it out.


Thanksgiving! I am so excited for Thanksgiving this year. We are celebrating with my dad’s side of the family this coming Sunday and I already made marshmallow pumpkin pie for dessert! I will be posting a plethora of pies next week so keep an eye out for that! And then on Thanksgiving we are celebrating with Alex’s dad’s side of the family. It’s hard during the holiday season with two divorced families, but we’ll see how we did this year!


Snapchat. I had the app downloaded a while ago but didn’t know anyone other than my sister using it and it got old fast so I deleted it. Then I started meeting more people who were asking me if I had snapchat so I re-downloaded it and I am now OBSESSED! My name on there is the same as my twitter and instagram handle itsmandyj, add me for some crazy pictures!


I’ve been listening to Cassadee Pope non-stop lately. Her song Wasting All These Tears is by far one of my current favorites!


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