Five on Friday


Last night I left work with a mission, convince Mr. H that I needed a Chromebook. Well it turned out that it wasn’t that hard to convince him as long as we headed over to the Reebok outlet for him (which really was a win-win for me because I also got shoes out of the deal) I am actually writing this blog post from my new HP Chromebook 11 and so far I am in love! I have a Mac as well as an iPad but I wanted something solely for blogging. I may do a review of it later on when I’ve had a chance to play around with it more.

photo 2 [TWO]

I was watching YouTube videos the other night and seriously coveting over this one girls nail polish. I kept thinking about how I needed to go out and try and find the perfect dusty lavender without actually looking at my collection of course. Turns out that I do own the exact color I was looking for, Essie-Merino Cool. It is way more lavender than the picture shows, but let me just say that I am oh so happy with it. Now if I could just get them to dry before I fall asleep…….
photo 1[THREE]

Super secret blog surprises! I know I have been mentioning this a little bit in previous posts, but soon I will be able to reveal all. I am so stoked for everything coming up and can’t wait to share it with all of you! I seriously want to tell you guys today, but alas patience is a virtue.


Pumpkin carving with friends! We have plans to go to our friends house this weekend and carve pumpkins. We did this last year and I totally see this becoming a tradition. Last year we watched Rocky Horror Picture Show while we carved, this year I plan on bringing Hocus Pocus.


Katy Perry’s new album came out Tuesday and it is seriously amazing! I have always liked Katy Perry, but this album just solidified that into serious obsession. I have plans to go to any concert she announces for 2014 and I may or may not already have all the lyrics for at least 5 songs memorized.


Happy Friday loves! I will be posting an awesome recipe for Apple Crisp sometime this weekend so keep an eye out for that!


4 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. hey from the linkup, doll!!! girl, you have me going to listen to katy perry’s new cd ASAP!!! i love her! have you heard her duet with john mayer on his new album?! SWOON. they’re too presh.


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