2 Years of Wedded Bliss


Yesterday Mr. H and I celebrated being married for 2 years! I know it’s probably really cliche to say that it doesn’t feel like 2 years, but in all honesty I can remember our wedding day like it was yesterday. I never posted anything about our wedding because that time was so crazy. I did almost everything for the wedding myself to save on cost and also at the same time I had started a new job so it was hectic to say the least. This year we are both settled into good jobs and have truly been blessed in 2013. We have taken a lot of risks this year and so far everything has worked out for the best. I’ve been saying since January 1st that 2013 is our year, and so far SO TRUE. I do have exciting news to share, but alas that will have to wait a little bit longer (sadly no, we are not expecting baby Hanson just yet!)

Second year of marriage traditionally is gifted COTTON while the modern gift is CHINA. Not sure who decided that china is modern, but that really doesn’t work for us. I had been stumped for months on what to get Alex and also a little nervous to see what Alex came up with for me, since he didn’t go traditional the first year. This past weekend I finally got an idea to keep it spicy and use The Dating Divas Hocus Pocus Date Night as a base for my gift/evening. Lets face it I am obsessed with LOVE that movie and how cute is the love spells? I of course had to put my own spin on it and ended up getting halloween ribbon and putting them into a cauldron we had on hand. As for the actual gift, lets just say that Fredrick’s of Hollywood & Victoria’s Secret got a lot of my money this weekend!

Alex hit the gift giving out of the park this year, he actually asked my sister for my instagram user name and then knew that all of my passwords are the same and “hacked” into it and found a photo collage I had posted and turned it into a canvas print. He is literally so amazing to think of this! It is perfect and he scored major points for going onto instagram, which he despises. For dinner we planned on going to the restaurant at the golf course we had our reception at, but we discovered that day that it had closed a year and a half ago! We scrambled to salvage our dinner plans and decided to try a restaurant that neither of us had either been to because the name just stuck out so much to me. We ended up eating at Cotton in Manchester and wow I am so glad that we decided to try something new because it was OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD!

IMG_3638 IMG_3639 IMG_3640 IMG_3644 IMG_3645 IMG_3646 IMG_3648 IMG_3649 IMG_3650


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