Five on Friday

Happy Friday the 13th guys! I’ve decided instead of doing Obsessedfest sporadically that I am going to do the Friday Five. 

photo 5

ONE | Suave Dry Shampoo | this stuff has been a lifesaver for me on days when I decide to sleep in a little longer than I should. It doesn’t leave a horrible white residue on my dark hair like some other ones do plus it smells amazing & the smell stays in my hair all day! I am always trying out new dry shampoos and this one gets an A+ from me.

photo 3

TWO | Charlie Hunnam | We are big Sons of Anarchy fans in our house & when I heard that he was potentially going to be Mr. Christian Grey I was very excited. And then when it was confirmed I was delighted and can’t wait to see the movie. I read the first book and loved it, but I will admit that I dragged through the other two because I didn’t think they were very well written. Now I just need to find a way to convince someone to go see it with me.


THREE | Mermaid tanks | I know that summer is coming to an end & typically mermaids aren’t associated with fall, but ever since dying my hair red and getting a few little mermaid articles of clothing I have been more and more obsessed with mermaids! I know that everyone and their mother loves mermaids lately, I guess I’m just a little late to the party! I have been getting tanks from SKREENED lately to work out in (another recent obsession) and these 2 are just sceaming my name. Plus with free shipping all September who can say no?


FOUR | Camping | Again I know summer is over, but I truly loved camping with my family and friends. We go every year and usually have a great mix of people, this year was the first time in 6 years that my sister agreed to coming with us again! Camping is honestly the best way to relax and escape the outside world. Plus who doesn’t want to spend all weekend by a fire with friends and those cute pups!


FIVE | ME | Last but not least I wanted to discuss the evolution of my hair. The past couple months I have discovered going to the hair salon and having my hair dresser do whatever we want to my hair & it has turned out awesome. I have gone from black to brown to blonde to red and now to black with purple. I honestly have to say that going to the hairdresser is the best thing to look forward to after a long day at work. Also side note, check out my awesome new specs I got in the bottom middle picture!

I hope you all have a great Friday and a good weekend. For once we don’t have any serious plans and I think we are looking forward to doing whatever we want for a weekend. Just a quick request that you guys keep Mr. H’s Gramie in your prayers as she is in the hospital and not doing that well and we just want her to come home already!


4 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Okay so when I tell you that I screamed like a little girl about Jax… I have to tell you I mean I screamed like a little girl at a Justin BIeber concert………… SOO excited I mean can you imagine him saying ” we aim to please Miss.Steele” Bahahahahaha – Crystal Michelle –

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