Obsessedfest |002|

Another week come & gone! Once again I am linking up with Mandy over at HelloJaxon to share my obsessions for the week. I have to admit that it was harder to really pinpoint what I’ve been obsessing over, because to be honest it’s a whole damn lot!

photo 4-7

shoppingphoto 1-11

pumpkin anythingphoto 2-9

cider lane from B&BWphoto 5-3white nails/gel manicures/eos balm

I know I said that I am waiting to say Fall is here until September, but Bath & Body Works screwed that all up for me when they had their Fall Preview Sale! I am OBSESSED with the scent Cider Lane & even stocked up last year because I was afraid they wouldn’t bring it back this year. So even though I had plenty at home I bought even more and admit that I did put a wall flower bulb in my bathroom (at least I haven’t put up the pumpkin wallflower yet!) Which brings me to my other obsession lately that I need to slow down on, SHOPPING. I just can’t help it with all the cute stuff out there and all the things I want to make from Pinterest. I’ve also been really obsessed with white nails this summer and even have my toes painted white. I went and got my first gel manicure done during my lunch break a couple weeks ago & I am completely sold. To the point where I now want to buy my own shellac starter kit, see there is my shopping addiction again! We are going into week 3 of having this manicure on & not one chip still! And I can’t forget to give a shoutout to my fav lip obsession, along with everyone else on the planet, EOS lip balm. I got the lemonade one a looong time ago and just recently started using it and got some other flavors as well. They saved my lips when they got a little sun/wind chapped from the beach.

Hope you all liked my obsessions this week & link up your own so I can see what you’re obsessing over too!


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