Weekend Wrap-Up

The hubby & I  went to Vermont for our annual vacation. For those of you that don’t know Mr. H proposed to me at Moss Glen Falls 5 years ago and ever since then we have made it a tradition to go back every year. Vermont has a special place in our hearts. This is our weekend in pictures, all from my Iphone 5. All the pictures are in the order that we did things during the weekend, so it’s kind of like you were there with us………..ALMOST.

photo 1-12 photo 2-10photo 3-9photo 4-8photo 1-13 photo 5-4photo 2-12photo 3-10photo 4-9photo 5-5photo 1-14 photo 2-13photo 3-11photo 4-10photo 5-6photo 3-13photo 4-11photo 5-7photo 1-15photo 2-14 photo 3-12photo 4-12photo 5-8

photo 2-15


Hope you all had a FAB weekend, here’s to the work week ahead of us!


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