Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend we headed down to the Cape with my sister and her fiance and had a fantastic weekend just relaxing by the ocean. My sister’s fiance’s family (did you get that?!) owns a house down there so we have been trying to go down at least one weekend a month although the way next month is looking this weekend may have been our last! Summer is always a super busy time for us and August seems to be booking up faster than ever! I am so blessed to be able to spend so much time with the people I love and I wouldn’t have it any other way (although I would like somebody to create a day solely for doing laundry!) We got home about 2 hours ago & I knew if I didn’t post this now it would never get posted. So enough of my blabbering and onto the pictures!


photo 2-13photo 3-11photo 1-11

photo 5-6

we stopped at this cute penny candy store and hubby decided to buy me the gorgeous bracelet
photo 5-3
cinnamon roll pancakes so delish!

photo 2-12photo 5-5photo 1-12boys at the beach

photo 4-7photo 3-8photo 2-9we may have gotten a little carried away at dinnerphoto 2-11cute island while drivingphoto 1-11my perfect evening

On saturday night after we went out to dinner and got a little crazy we decided to stop at a bounce house park that had probably 40 different bounce houses to play in. Yeh sure its for kids, but we had a BLAST and stayed for 2 hours until they closed. Personally I think that if something is open until 10 pm it’s meant for adults too. Alas the weekend is over and we are all headed back to work for the week tomorrow, but at least there’s always next weekend!

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