In the Kitchen – Feel Good Grilling Cupcakes

Howdy readers! Wow, can I just say my life has been so insanely crazy. I promise the blog is always in the back on my mind and on Sundays I always think about posting something, but I usually haven’t done anything blog worthy. This weekend we hosted a Morning Star Farms Feel Good Grilling Party which I was picked to host through House Party. If you haven’t heard of House Party I highly suggest going and checking them out as they always have awesome partys going on and you can be picked to host one! I have always been a fan of Morning Star Farms and usually buy their chicken patties and grillers original hamburgers for quick and delicious lunches or dinners. I will absolutely be the first person to admit that I don’t like to try new things and actually get nervous when I have to try something that I think I might not like! Well with this house party I got to try all of Morning Star Farm’s awesome products for free! Everyone had a really great time at the party and left full with goodie bags full of gifts and a coupon for more Morning Star products.

Now we all know that I am a baker and this party was the perfect opportunity to get me back in the kitchen and getting the creative juices flowing. I saw these cupcakes on Pinterest of course, but didn’t have everything needed to recreate it exactly so I did what I always do and made it my own. Instead of making chocolate grills (which I will admit I was a little bummed out about because those would of been DELISH) I just used black decorative gel and created the grills that way. This cupcake is the perfect cupcake for the summer BBQ’s I’m sure we all have lined up for the next couple months!


I just used box mix vanilla cupcakes and cream cheese frosting as I was pressed time for these! For these cupcakes it is all about the details! I took the black gel and drew the outer circle first and then the lines across to create the grill. I put gummie bears on toothpicks and then cut off the sharp ends to make kabobs and then I took Hot Tamales and a food marker and made grill marks to make hot dogs! You can get super creative with the small details for these cupcakes and totally make it your own. You could also pick up the gummy hamburgers they sell and place those on the cupcake to look like you are grilling hamburgers!

We all had a blast at the party and are all crossing our fingers that I get picked to host the Monopoly Unleashed Party that I applied to host because I am already have some great cupcake ideas for that one including the Puppycakes which launched this whole blog! I hope you all get to enjoy some BBQ fun this summer & create fun treats like this one. Follow me on Pinterest and pick what I should make in the kitchen next!


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