Review – Pantene Pro-V Silky Moisture Whip


I was sent a sample of Pantene Pro-V’s new Silky Moisture Whip by the website Vocalpoint to test out and give my feedback. I will admit that I got the sample and tossed it to the side because typically I don’t like to use products on my hair. I’m one of those girls that is constantly buying all the new products and then never using them (that’s a whole ‘nother story about my shopping addiction!) But with this insanely cold weather we have been having I noticed that my hair was getting a little static-y which means like everything else around here it was dry. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try the moisture whip and gave it a try.

The Silky Moisture Whip comes out like a mousse, but it much thicker which had me nervous that it was going to leave my hair feeling weighed down with product or greasy like some other products I’ve tried. I flipped my head upside down and worked it into my hair from the ends up and then blow dried and styled my hair as usual. I really loved the scent of the product that it left in my hair and I could see a noticeable difference in my hairs shine. That night I had someone comment on how great my hair looked and that I must of just gotten it cut and styled. That’s the kind of thing I like! I used the product on my hair a second time because I know sometimes a product can be great the first time and then start to buildup in your hair and cause serious problems, but it looked just as great and it really does make my hair feel more moisturized. I continued to get compliments on my hair at work throughout the week so I definitely think I will be buying this to use all the time.

The only drawback I noticed when using this product was that when spraying it out it comes out pretty quickly and you have to make sure you do a quick, short burst otherwise you will be wasting a lot of product!

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