Free e-books!

2 years ago my wonderful husband got me a kindle for my birthday because I LOVE to read. Literally I could read a book a day and still not be satisfied. Unfortunately my bank account would not allow for me to buy 7 books a week, let alone 7 books a month. I had gone to my local library (yes they still exist, shocking I know) and they could loan books out on e-readers, but of course not kindle. There were plenty of discount books on Amazon & even some free books, but just not the type of book I was interested in reading. Well fast forward 2 years and now my state has a whole e-book collection that you can check out for 14 days. Ever since my discovery of this I have been reading like a mad woman. You can check out my latest reads by going to my Goodreads account.

So if you live in New Hampshire and have a library card at your local library you can get e-books straight to your kindle for 14 days! New Hampshire Downloadable Books

Most libraries in Massachusetts also seem to use the OverDrive system that is used for New Hampshire, by going to your local libraries website you can find out if they offer free e-books (most do).


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