My Shopping Trips

Last week Shaw’s was having an amazing sale. Because I can see the ad early thanks to JennyJoy over at WUC I ordered my coupons ahead of time and was able to really stock up!

The good news is I will never need toothpaste ever again! I spent about $30 all together this past week for all of this, but I also received $46 back in coupons from Shaw’s to use towards my future purchase. I also bought 6 boxes of cereal and 20 bottles of Honest Tea that are  not pictured because they are being donated to the Sonshine Soup Kitchen. That $30 total cost price DOES include what it cost me to order my coupons ahead of time. I ordered from Coupon Dede’s and they were truly great and I think that they’re prices are some of the best!

The only downside of stockpiling like this is that expiration dates are a big concern. I didn’t check the expiration dates in the store, which I should have, but when I got home and started putting everything away I looked.

I could not believe that this was still on the shelf, I immediately went back to Shaw’s and exchanged it, but that should teach me a lesson about checking expiration dates before you buy!


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